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May 2021 Release Notes

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Assets: More consistent preview and download times

We’ve made some behind-the-scenes improvements to our software for file conversions. Because of those improvements, previews are created more consistently and the amount of time to wait for downloads when others are performing the same action in the system has been reduced.


Assets: Updates and resolved issues

  • Users can now agree to the end-user license agreement and select an intended use from the Asset Digest.
  • Controlled vocabulary field values with commas can now be imported using the metadata importer.
  • Digimarc watermarks can now be applied to files when they’re uploaded to the Collective and when they’re downloaded from the Asset Digest and the mobile app.
  • Users can now agree to the end-user license agreement and select an intended use in the mobile app.
  • The issue with not being able to navigate to other child categories after selecting a child category from the Categories menu has been resolved.
  • The issue with the new category drawer taking some time to load has been resolved.


Admin: Add special characters and emojis to Paths notifications

Wanting to use text in another language in email notifications sent via the Paths feature? Or add some flair and excitement to those emails? In the past when you’ve included special characters or emojis, they were replaced by question marks in the subject line and body text. But now, thanks to an update to our email service, other languages or all the emojis can be included!


Add emojis in Paths notifications.

Some notes about this update:

  • Any UTF-8 characters — like accent marks, hanzi and kanji characters, happy faces, sad faces, joy faces, high fives, and more — are now supported in emails.
  • If you’ve previously used special characters in subject lines or email text, there’s no need to go back to those paths and update them. They’ll just work!
  • Exactly how special characters and emojis display to recipients depends on the email app you’re using.


Portals update and resolved issues

  • For sections in portals that include video assets, when sharing is enabled but downloading is not, Video with Player and Video Thumbnail are available to share. If downloading and sharing are both enabled, Video (No Player) and Video with Player and Download are available, along with the previous options.
  • The issue with not being able to create a portal from the Assets app has been resolved.
  • The issue where assets were not displaying in sections of a portal or users were receiving a message that a portal was not active has been resolved.



There will be some updates to the Workflow app on May 11, 2021. Those are detailed here!


Easier access to download proofs after deliverables have been closed in the enhanced proofer

If you’re using the enhanced proofer, you may have noticed that after a deliverable has been closed, there’s no place to download the final version for the person who requested the project. We’ve made an update to the Workflow user interface to help with that, and that is the addition of a download button at the top of the deliverable and one in each stage.


Download proofs that were reviewed in the enhanced proofer.


The download button at the top will always download the most recent proof. The download button on each stage will download the last proof that’s associated with that stage.

If there are multiple rounds with different proofs in a single stage, only the final proof for that stage can be downloaded from the deliverable page. The other rounds can be downloaded from the enhanced proofer while review of the deliverable is still in progress.


Download proofs from stages.


There are no special permissions required to see the download buttons. If users can view the deliverable, the button will be displayed.


Other updates

  • To help clarify people who are part of a project, we’ve modified the “Only users assigned to this project” and “Users in these workgroups” options in the Create project modal. All projects display for users who are assigned to the project regardless of the option selected, so we’ve updated the modal to allow you to select additional workgroups to see the project. This content has also been updated in the People area on the project details page.
  • For deliverables that have been uploaded to the Assets app, we’ve added a banner to the top of the deliverable details page indicating that, along with a button to see it in the app. The message at the bottom of the deliverable details page indicating that it was closed and uploaded to Assets remains.

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