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Acushnet Company Case Study
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Acushnet supports global marketing communication with the Widen Collective®

Acushnet’s Titleist and FootJoy brands are two of the most revered brands in golf. To support their brand position, they needed a simpler, more effective way to get their brand assets to market.

Products Used

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Catalog, control, and distribute rich media assets from a central source of truth.

img_icon-02 Portals

Curate collections of assets and create personalized brand experiences.

Insights content analytics tools Insights

Track and measure assets and build site performance dashboards.


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Acushnet has a portfolio of brands for dedicated and discerning golfers and the golf shops that serve them. Their marketing and communications reflect that widely recognized quality of their products. This includes Acushnet brand assets, Titleist historical images, product photography, and ad graphics.

Marketing, advertising, and digital teams rely on those assets to promote Acushnet products. Teams are located across global markets and adapt U.S. assets to their region. “Digging through assets on our old system was quite a journey,” says Veronica Ryan. With multiple locations and no way to make sure people were uploading tagged assets in their systems, teams were left to a “blind search.”

File sizes were commonly too large for sharing as an attachment, which lead to people using whatever tool they could to share the file. One communications email could link to assets living in three different systems. “It just got to be very confusing of where’s which asset.” And it wasn’t a better experience for Acushnet’s retail and trade partners. Those partners requested assets to be shared in a more organized fashion, similar to how other brands were sharing assets.


When searching for a digital asset management system, Acushnet had these goals in mind:


Promote Acushnet’s dedication to superior performance and quality via digital assets across all touchpoints

Beat the competition

Retail and trade partners preferred how other brands shared assets
Launch new products
Support global markets with product launch campaign materials


Create one system for all marketing and communication assets


Extend the Acushnet brand using one DAM system

“We decided to invest in a DAM that everyone could find useful, and also share assets in a more branded way,” Veronica says. One of the most appealing aspects of the Widen Collective was the ability to group like images into a collection and share it via a link.

“Digging through assets on our old 
system was quite a journey. With multiple locations and no way to make sure people were uploading tagged assets in their systems, teams were left to a blind search.”

Veronica Ryan, Acushnet

Portals have simplified distributing assets to global teams. Instead of one email containing multiple links to multiple assetsin multiple systems, recipients receive one link to a portal of curated assets. The portal presents all that’s available for the campaign or product launch in an organized page.


One accessible location that saves time and fosters brand consistency

All of Acushnet’s digital assets are put into the Collective. With all the assets living in the system, “it’s definitely helped our teams in sharing assets for new campaigns,” says Veronica.

Assets are organized to identify which assets are for each market. This makes it easier for executives to present how ads are performing and adapted in global markets.

Deliver campaign and product launch materials

The Collective gives the teams around the world access to the latest Acushnet marketing materials. “We are able to easily provide our global teams with assets in a quick fashion.” Those teams can then adapt it for their colors, scheme, or language.

“It makes everyone’s lives easier”

“I would definitely recommend Widen,” says Veronica. “Widen has really helped our team bring all of our assets to one spot so that we can access things in a faster, quicker manner and have sharing capabilities that keep us on-brand.”

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