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Canon Medical Systems Products

Canon Medical Controls Content Distribution Across Global Regions

Canon Medical manufactures a range of diagnostic systems and technology, including CT, MR, X-Ray, ultrasound, and healthcare informatics. With their digital asset management (DAM) system at the center of their content publishing operations, they deliver approved marketing and sales materials to regional teams across the world.

Products used

img_icon-01 Assets

Catalog, control, and distribute rich media assets from a central source of truth

Insights Insights

Track and measure assets and build site performance dashboards

Portals Portals

Share curated subsets of assets with control and flexibility


Total assets


Global users


Downloads in the
last 12 months

Allow regional teams to localize materials for their market.

Use Widen’s robust governance tools to control access and maintain asset security.

Leverage DAM analytics to track and measure ROI.


Canon Medical’s marketing materials are built around accurate and up-to-date technical language and clinical imagery to support their relationship-based sales operations. Jeffrey Krigstein, their Global Brand and Content Specialist based in Japan, shared that their sales teams “need a quick and responsive pipeline of content provided to them so they can sell the products and services at a regional level.”

Before Canon Medical implemented the Collective across the company, their process for managing and distributing this content was disjointed and inefficient. “There were a lot of emails, lots of very fractured mechanisms to try and get content from place A to place B,” Jeffrey said. “It took a lot of time, a lot of chasing, and a lot of people were involved.”

They knew they needed a platform to manage content on a global scale. And because their US subsidiary had a 10-year history with the Collective, Widen was an intuitive choice. “We already had a subsidiary that was very used to it and said great things about it,” Jeffrey noted. “We didn't need to shop around, we already had a perfect use case — it worked for our industry, our business.”



Ensure each region only sees content relevant to their needs

Empower users
Streamline content distribution through self-service access

Reduce time spent searching for and sharing assets

Support product launches with speed and accuracy



Centralized storage
Canon Medical’s global marketing assets are primarily used to promote product launches or events, and include product photography, collateral, video tutorials, video testimonials, PowerPoint files, logos, and other brand assets. “Our intention with the platform is that it becomes the one-stop shop for all of our marketers around the world to find everything that they need to do their jobs and to sell our products and services,” Jeffrey shared.

Achieving that goal began by making a duplicate instance of the Collective site used by their US subsidiary. “So this was great because it meant that we were able to basically start off with a living, breathing instance of [the] Widen [Collective] rather than starting from scratch,” Jeffrey said. “But the downside of that was that we had to go through this process of revising the architecture and doing an audit of all of the content.”

Jeffrey’s team updated the existing metadata structure, created user roles and permissions, deleted content that wasn’t relevant to a global audience, and uploaded new content. They also established a team of regional DAM admins to make coordinated, incremental improvements and encourage system adoption.

Robust roles and governance
“We’re a heavily regulated industry, so we need to be really careful with what we do with our data even if it’s for marketing purposes. For that reason, there's a very tight lid kept on region-by-region product releases,” Jeffrey shared.

“If suddenly people are starting to use incorrect product imagery or product imagery that hasn't been launched in a country can affect the sales pipeline.” There can also be legal ramifications, especially for the use of clinical images that haven’t been completely anonymized.

The Collective’s governance tools allow them to mitigate these risks by controlling who has access to each and every asset in the system. “If everything is set up correctly and the appropriate security measures, restrictions, and approvals are all looked after as it’s being uploaded to the DAM [system], then it can basically get as close to set and forget as possible because only the people that should have access, have access.”

Asset analytics
Jeffrey’s team also needed tools to track the use of their partner content. “So every single time, every instance of usage of that particular asset, we need to know as the marketing team and sometimes we need to seek approval for every single instance of usage and put tracking mechanisms in place.”

With the Insights app, Jeffrey’s team is able to see every time an asset is downloaded, and by whom. They can also require approval from the admin before users are able to download certain images. “That’s been very useful for us,” said Jeffrey, “because it means that we're never going to get a nasty surprise of someone utilizing a piece of content that we didn't know about, or that have used it in an incorrect way and we weren't aware that they were using it at all.”

“As a partner, Widen has been incredibly attentive, very understanding, [and] very comprehensive.”

Jeffrey Krigstein,
Global Brand and Content Specialist at Canon Medical



Controlled regional product launches
The Collective’s governance tools streamline the execution of product launches across regions. “One of the reasons that we are using [the] Widen [Collective] is that we can control which regions have visibility and which regions have access at any point in time, just to make sure that people are always using the most current and correct imagery,” Jeffrey said. “So we heavily utilize asset groups, we heavily utilize roles, and those two things working together allow us to do these staged rollouts across all of our global subsidiaries.”

Portals also help with regional content distribution. “I like using Portals because it gives me an opportunity to make a little microsite featuring all of the data that people will need. The other advantage is, of course, that...I can just generate a single link, single password, send it out through our other internal communication channels, like internal newsletters, and suddenly everyone has access to all the assets that they need in one dedicated page, [that’s] very easy to understand, and structured in a way that we think makes sense for our business.”

Amplified content value
Easy, self-serve access to the Collective helps Canon Medical raise the visibility of their content and maximize its value. “The content that we create...needs to be distributed to many people around the world so that we can get the most traction out of it,” Jeffrey shared. “So if it's a global piece of content we want to make sure that all of our regional markets have access to it in a timely fashion to support either events or new product introductions. And if it's created at a regional level...and still globally relevant, we want to have a mechanism for them to input that content into the global content pipeline."

Further, data from Insights helps them understand their content performance. “What are the assets that people just aren’t using? Is there a reason for that? Is there a reason why this group of 100 assets that we thought were great content has only been downloaded a handful of times? Is it because of the way that it’s structured in the system and people can’t find it? Is there something wrong with the content itself, and we need to make an update so that people have more of an appetite to use it?” By articulating and answering these questions they are able to make more informed and strategic content decisions.

Brand consistency
Canon Medical’s strategic use of the Collective’s asset groups and roles also helps them create a cohesive brand experience. “The beauty of…[the] Widen [Collective],” Jeffrey shared, “is that if it’s all set up correctly, then people just won’t see things they don’t have access to. Which means they will never accidentally stumble across something and use it by mistake.”

“This means that we have the highest chance of people using the most up-to-date, the most correct, and just generally the best and highest quality content that they have available for any purpose,” he continued.

The Collective also supports brand consistency by providing a way to share templated brand collateral that regional teams can tailor to their local language, culture, and health systems. And as they expand their use of the Collective, they hope to store these regionalized materials in designated sections of the platform.

Cost savings
Jeffrey believes that the impact of the Collective is reflected in the numbers. “As soon as I go into the Insights section and see how many downloads have been made in just this calendar year — not even in the last 12 months — we're looking at many, many, many thousands of downloads that people have been able to go to this platform and self-serve.”

“And each one of those downloads is potentially an email chain that reflects multiple if you multiply that time out and say, I know we've had 5,000 downloads since January, that's 5,000 email requests that we haven't had to serve, and if it takes 10 minutes out of three people’s day to get that asset to them, that time very quickly scales up and it’s real dollars saved in time and man-hours.”

He looks forward to expanding their use of the Collective and their Widen partnership. "[Widen] has been a very, very good partner with us as we've built this system and transformed our business to deliver content across the world."