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DNDi Uses the Widen Collective® to Tell the Story of Their Work

The Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) is a nonprofit research and development organization that brings affordable treatments to millions of people across the world affected by underserved diseases. They rely on the Widen Collective® to produce and share content that illustrates the impact of their work.

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Catalog, control, and distribute rich media assets from a central source of truth.

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Track and measure assets and build site performance dashboards.


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With headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, DNDi is a nonprofit organization with offices on five continents and a global network of staff, donors, and partners. By developing treatments for neglected diseases — which do not represent a lucrative market for pharmaceutical companies — they improve the quality of life of countless people in some of the world’s poorest communities. They use their communication materials to tell powerful stories about their work and raise funding for their programs. 

However, without a central repository for their content, producing these materials was challenging. Their Digital Content Officer, DK Lee, shared that files were stored across numerous computers and office networks. Specific files were so difficult to find that teams often resorted to using outdated or off-brand assets. They knew they needed a better way to manage their content and creative workflow, and began exploring the benefits of digital asset management (DAM) solutions. 


Single source of truth
A central hub of all photos, videos, and other creative content.

Improved searchability
Use metadata to efficiently locate desired assets.

Streamlined processes
Reduce workflow inefficiencies and bottlenecks.


Self-serve access
With offices — and content — spread across the globe, it was never clear where current files were stored. But with the Collective, all stakeholders know how to access the content they need, when they need it. And because everyone is using the same, brand-approved files their messaging is now consistent across marketing efforts.

Robust metadata
Before the Collective, DNDi lacked a sophisticated file naming structure to assist with retrieval. But now that they’ve tagged every asset in their DAM system with robust metadata, it’s easy to find the desired file or browse all available content. And with share links and collections, sharing assets with external stakeholders is a breeze.

A trusted partner
Through a remote-guided implementation process, the Widen team provided continual virtual support until DNDi was fully prepared to roll out its Collective site. Reflecting on this process, DK shared, “Widen was very supportive and flexible during the implementation process and we’re working more efficiently as a result of the Collective.”

“Remote working is essential to the nature of our work in global health and DAM software supports that well. It also keeps teams connected, enabling us to continue to share with the world stories that need to be told.”

DK Lee,
Digital Content Officer at DNDi


Efficient workflows
Not only has the Collective eliminated countless hours searching for files, but it’s allowed DNDi to develop a new creative workflow. Projects now take less time to complete, allowing the team to spend more time advancing DNDi’s mission. And with Insights they are able to track asset usage to inform the focus of future creative work. 

Enhanced collaboration
By centralizing all content in one location, the Collective has improved collaboration between DNDi’s offices and remote teams. DK shared, “Remote working is essential to the nature of our work in global health and DAM software supports that well. It also keeps teams connected, enabling us to continue to share with the world stories that need to be told.”

Better work quality 
With improved access to content and enhanced collaboration, the Collective has helped DNDi improve the overall quality of their creative work. “Whether we’re creating a brochure or trying to find a video, the Widen Collective has really bolstered our story-telling. Even when sharing photos with partners and journalists, our DAM solution has equipped us to disseminate assets in a quick, secure way, resulting in higher quality content,” said DK.