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Widen Collective® supports national rebrand of Kent Scouts

Kent Scouts is a UK-based charity that organizes adventures and international trips for young people. When they required a comprehensive marketing technology to enable a full rebrand, they set out to find a martech partner that was the best fit for the company and their values.

Products used

img_icon-01 Assets

Catalog, control, and distribute rich media assets from a central source of truth.

Insights content analytics tools Insights

Track and measure assets and build site performance dashboards.

img_icon-02 Portals

Curate collections of assets and create personalized brand experiences.


Kent Scouts is part of the Scout Association, and is comprised of 17,481 young people and 6,479 adult volunteers across Kent county.

With this many members and volunteers, it was difficult to optimize logo usage, manage brand consistency, or centralize a photo library.  Photos from milestone events were being stored on personal desktops or memory cards, making them inaccessible to the wider community, and thus eventually forgotten about or misplaced.  

Scouting is proud to have Bear Grylls, a survival instructor, writer, television presenter, and businessman, as their Chief Scout, a position he has held since 2009.  Since then, he has attended numerous Scouting events and images from all of these events were not easily accessed or shared.

The Kent Scouts staff and volunteers needed a more efficient way to store and organize their photos. Whilst there are cloud solutions online that allow you to store and share content, they all have their limitations. Some of the common problems are the ability to search and catalog, set usage permissions, version files, and provide assets that suit a wide range of uses and resolutions.

They decided to explore the possibility of a digital asset management (DAM) solution.


Create an image library to centralize and organize all photos, by event, date etc.

Launch rebrand

Replace old branding with the new logo, color palettes, and brand guidelines. 

Content distribution
Streamline content distribution and facilitate version control.

Increase asset value
Increase the lifecycle of each asset


Fortunately, Kent Scouts' Digital Media Manager, Simon Corrigan, had experience with digital asset management at his previous job. Following a lengthy trial of several DAM systems, the Widen Collective was selected and installed in 2018, in time for a national rebrand.

Kent Scouts felt that the Collective was overwhelmingly superior in its ability to share images with their 5,000 adult volunteers.

The first step in implementing the Collective solution was creating a plan for the structure. “Creating a detailed taxonomy allowed us to think about how the images should be stored and the different ways we were likely to search for items,” said Simon. Age group, activity, and location were some of the key metadata fields. Simon further organized assets into categories of events by year, brand assets, and marketing resources.

The next step was setting up Portals. With such a large membership, there are many occasional users who generally need a photo or logo and don’t want to spend time looking for it. Simon said Portals were perfect for “creating an intuitive, public facing web resource which can showcase key collections and assets.”

Kent Scouts currently has three Portals:

  • A public facing media library for press, parents, and leaders
  • A brand portal containing brand assets, logos, guidelines, and marketing templates
  • An international trip portal that focuses on participants taking part in World Scout Jamborees and international camps

“This ability to satisfy both ‘occasional’ and ‘power’ users is key to the effectiveness of the Widen system,” said Simon.


Efficient operations
With a fully-fledged digital library that’s organized and searchable, people can quickly find the assets they need. Conversions on the fly provide assets that suit a wide range of uses and resolutions.

Cost saving
The Collective helps increase the lifecycle of each asset. In addition, Simon said “using our account analytics (Widen Insights) we can get a feel for the popular downloads and track asset usage. This helps us to focus resources and increase the choice of the assets in line with the demand.”

Brand consistency
Kent Scouts successfully rebranded in April 2018. The Collective made it less complex to sunset all old assets and logos. Plus, they now have control over the assets that represent their brand. “Our membership of over 5,000 adult volunteers can easily access the files they need when they want them, helping to improve the quality of resources produced and the public perception of Scouting,” Simon added.

Now and next steps

“Templates look like a powerful next step, to give our users the ability to not only download but create their own documents,” said Simon.

"This ability to satisfy both ‘occasional’ and ‘power’ users is key to the effectiveness of the Widen system."

– Simon Corrigan, Director, Digital Media Manager, Kent Scouts