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Trunk Club Case Study Style Photograph
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Trunk Club improves efficiency and brand equity with the Widen Collective®

Trunk Club is a rapidly growing personal styling service that helps men and women build better wardrobes. Their marketing and stylist teams rely on the Widen Collective® to quickly find quality, on-brand imagery to promote their products and services.

Products used

img_icon-01 Assets

Catalog, control, and distribute rich media assets from a central source of truth.

Insights Insights

Track and measure assets and build site performance dashboards.

Portals Portals

Curate collections of assets and create personalized brand experiences.


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The Collective eliminated the stress that Trunk Club previously experienced trying to organize, find, and distribute their digital assets using tools like Dropbox and Box.

Attending the Widen Summit and Workshops is a reinvigorating experience for Trunk Club admins.


Trunk Club’s personalized styling services draw from a range of premium, time-tested brands. They rely on high-quality product imagery to drive sales and support their ongoing marketing and branding efforts. Trunk Club’s Creative team shoots photographs daily, which generates a lot of digital assets. 

“Things got messy. Things got lost. Things got deleted,” said Caitlyn Kostecki, Project Manager at Trunk Club. Before implementing a digital asset management (DAM) system, there were multiple storage tools and a lack of organization. This led to reshooting, reuploading, and re-editing photographs. “It was a lot of time and energy.”

Without an easy way to provide stylists with digital assets, images that shouldn’t be seen by customers were being shared and used. This included brand-damaging images that were outdated or had poor resolution. 

Confusion around where to find assets was also crippling their workflow. If the marketing team couldn’t find a product image, they would not be able to release the product or have designers create other critical marketing assets. This was frequently happening and causing unnecessary stress on teams and resources. They realized the situation was unsustainable and began searching for a DAM system.


Brand equity
Build brand equity through the visual presentation of Trunk Club.

Reduce time spent searching for images and recreating lost photographs.

Provide stylists with one place to access current, on-brand assets that support client and marketing needs.

One storage location with distribution, search, and filter capabilities.


A searchable, shareable asset library
After researching and evaluating a number of DAM vendors, the Trunk Club team selected Widen in 2015. The Collective now stores all of their photo and video assets. Users can easily search the library using filters and keywords, like “fall” or “dark denim,” and browse brand-approved assets. They can also download files in the format they need, which brings added efficiency to their workflow.

Trunk Club expanded their use of the Collective by using Portals to give stylists instant access to pre-populated collections containing the most important information and files they needed, from images of the latest styles to email signature styling.

Stylist enablement
The marketing team also leverages Portals to create hubs of curated content for specific groups of stylists. “We were able to give that one-stop resource for the stylists to get images, PDFs, documents that they use on a daily basis,” said Maureen Boyle, Senior Director of Marketing at Trunk Club.

Stylists no longer need to come to marketing for everything. “Everyone’s just so much more resourceful,” said Caitlyn. “They can use anything they need in that portal. If anything’s missing, they can contact me and I’ll get it up and running really quickly.”

“They are not spending their time searching for images because we’ve got Widen to do that so they can do other things. In different ways now, we are able to divert that from the cost of Widen and make it a no-brainer purchase.”

Maureen Boyle,
Senior Director of Marketing
Trunk Club


Grow brand equity
“Not everyone knows who Trunk Club is, so the graphics we put out there and how we’re visually presenting the brand is really important,” said Maureen. “Now we’re able to provide them with a plethora of assets that are current, that have our stamp of approval, and that are meeting the needs of what we’re promoting as a marketing team.”

Work more efficiently
“Justifying the cost of using a digital asset management system is pretty easy because it’s all about efficiency,” said Maureen. Trunk Club relies on their own photography. “Without having a place to store them that is searchable … I think we would lose a lot of time, productivity, and images.”

Not only do teams confidently know where to find assets, but it’s easier for them to search and filter with metadata. The Collective also makes it easier for their designers to collaboratively work on campaigns, ensuring that they’re all using the same, approved digital assets.

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