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Zeiss Microscopy overcomes the challenge of supporting regional teams around the world with the Widen Collective®

Zeiss is a leading international provider of microscopy products. They rely on the Widen Collective® to manage their brand and provide their globally dispersed teams with the sales and marketing collateral they need for their unique regions.

Products Used

img_icon-01 Assets

Catalog, control, and distribute rich media assets from a central source of truth.

Insights App Icon Insights

Track and measure assets and build site performance dashboards.

img_icon-02 Portals

Curate collections of assets and create personalized brand experiences.

Integrations Icon Integrations

Drive marketing efficiency when you automatically connect your tools and data.


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Zeiss has operations in over 50 countries with sales and marketing representatives serving various industries within each region. They must accommodate content needs in 14 different languages and across distinct cultures and business sectors. 

 On top of this, Zeiss must ensure that the scale and diversity of their operations do not interfere with their brand’s integrity. The risk is high. “We make sure they’re using documentation that is released one day. The next day, it is all over the world,” says Alberto Orihuela, Global Digital Asset Coordinator for Zeiss.


On Brand
Ensure that marketing materials and messaging are consistent and accurate across regions.

Remain on brand while meeting the language and cultural needs of unique regions and industries.

Save time and money by improving the organization and speed of digital asset distribution.

Provide globally dispersed teams with easy, self-service access to sales and marketing materials.


A single source with flexibility
Zeiss must remain on brand, but also allow sales and marketing teams in different markets to adapt materials to meet unique regional demands. To address this, Zeiss uses an API integration to create and give users access to templates of brand-approved marketing materials. With their custom integration, Zeiss offers users the flexibility to adjust select formatting, images, and fields, while maintaining control of critical brand elements to ensure consistency across localized materials.

Scalable empowerment
The Collective takes a lot of pressure off of the Zeiss marketing team that’s responsible for managing and distributing the brand’s content to teams all over the world. With on-demand, self-service access to digital assets, users can now quickly search and find what they need on their own.

Controlled access
Zeiss uses roles and permissions in the Collective to ensure that users have the right level of access to the right assets at the right time. Furthermore, Zeiss uses Portals to curate collections of assets for targeted groups of users and non-users. This gives people a quick and easy visual snapshot — or “window to content,” as Alberto says — of what’s available.

“DAM is a way for us to gain consistency for our brand … that helps us stay organized and save time and costs”

Alberto Orihuela, Digital Media Specialist and DAM Admin for Zeiss


Saved time and money
“The DAM for us is a way to gain consistency for our brand, warranting that everyone is working with the same materials,” says Alberto. “And when it comes to marketing, that helps us stay organized and save time and costs.” Plus, as it turns out, their decision to invest in a DAM solution is paying off. Zeiss is proud to report that 100% of their regions are using the Collective.

Data-driven decisions
With the Insights app, Zeiss now has visibility into the popularity of materials and DAM user-engagement levels. “We are interested in knowing if the materials we produce to promote sales and to help with the sales activities and marketing activities are becoming popular and being used as they should,” says Alberto. Armed with these insights, Zeiss can optimize their efforts and put time and energy toward creating the right content.

A trusted partnership

Zeiss has found a true partner in Widen. “Our relationship is really strong,” says Alberto. From transparent communication to collaborative problem solving and beyond, Zeiss values Widen’s service-first approach. In the words of Alberto, “It makes all the difference, and we really appreciate that.”