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With COVID-19 impacting almost everything we do — conferences are no exception and that’s why this year, MarTech is going virtual. As part of this free three-day event focused on marketing strategies and solutions, Widen is sharing our insights on digital transformation in the age of coronavirus.

Widen’s session

For years, marketing teams have been stalled at various stages of digital transformation. But in the age of coronavirus, transformations that would have taken years must now be completed in weeks. As budgets are slashed and the economy contracts, we must race from 0 to 60 in whatever vehicle we happen to be driving. Our people, processes, and technologies are being put to the ultimate test. Join Michael Shattuck, Director of Customer Success at Widen, while he discusses the most uncomfortable questions about marketing technology in the age of coronavirus.

  • What does it mean for marketing technology to “work” in this context?
  • How does a marketing technologist's purpose change if growth is unattainable?
  • Which processes and technology should be kept, and which should be tossed away?

Michael leads a rigorous discussion on these questions. You will walk away with a set of actions to take, decisions to make, and outcomes to pursue.

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