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Give Your Audience a New Perspective
With UGC + DAM

Add authenticity to your marketing mix by intelligently curating and safely repurposing user-generated content.

Your customers and employees might just be your best untapped marketers. They’re able to give your audience a viewpoint that you just can’t. So, why not let them help tell your story!

Using our latest integration, you can now easily source and gather rights to your best user-generated content (UGC) from social media via TINT and organize and distribute it with the Widen Collective®.

Join Jake Athey (VP of Marketing, Widen), Tim Sae Koo (CEO, TINT), and Terry Coniglio (Director of Content, Georgia State University) as they show how Widen + TINT can help you scale and safely repurpose your UGC from social media, as well as offer tips for leveraging UGC best practices to achieve higher marketing performance and conversions.

During this webinar, you’ll also learn how using digital asset management (DAM) to manage your UGC can help:

  • Decrease content creation costs and time
  • Enhance marketing performance
  • Increase audience engagement by creating authentic marketing experiences

We want to be able to show prospective students what campus is like, and it’s hard for our staff to be everywhere. Sourcing and combining UGC from our students into Widen is a great way to achieve those needs in a cost-efficient manner. Tapping into the creative perspectives from our students not only engages them to create more content for us, but also resonates because of the authenticity.

-Terry Coniglio, Director of Content Strategy, GSU

Presenter Bios

Jake Athey

Jake Athey
Jake Athey is the VP of Marketing at Widen, the venerable digital asset management company based in Madison, WI and London, England. He oversees and manages all moving parts of content strategy, brand experiences, sales, partnerships, and more. He believes that the right content, powered by the right technology, can be life-changing for marketers and their business.


Tim Sae Koo
Tim Sae Koo is the CEO and co-founder of TINT, a user generated content marketing platform that has helped over 5,000 brands in 172 countries deliver trust across all touchpoints by humanizing their marketing with authentic customer-generated content.

Working with brands like Krispy Kreme, Atlantis, T-Mobile, iHeartMedia, and more, TINT has extensive experience helping brands create authentic and personalized content experiences. When he’s not spending time growing the company, he focuses most of his time on creating a unique company culture, which has led his team to be the most profitable, least funded company in the space. Outside of work, he enjoys diving onto the floor while playing volleyball, sitting on the floor practicing meditation, and moving around the floor salsa dancing.


Terry Conigilo
Terry Coniglio is the director of content strategy at Georgia State University, where she’s led digital and social media for the past seven years. Before joining Georgia State, she worked at Cornell University and Duke Corporate Education and taught English in Japan. Terry received a bachelor of science degree from Ithaca College and a master of business administration degree from Georgia State University.