Salesforce Digital Asset Management Connector

Widen's Salesforce Connector

Make assets available to your Salesforce in Sales Cloud

Keep your sales and marketing teams on top of their game

From the conference room to dinners and outings, salespeople need the latest resources for your brand, products, and customers.


Using Widen’s Salesforce Connector, Sales Cloud users can search, select, and share marketing and sales materials as they work in accounts, contacts, and opportunities. Save time by embedding your searchable asset library right inside Salesforce!

  • Organize your marketing campaign assets

  • Make it easy for sales team to find the latest resources with self-serve access to assets 

  • Reduce the risk of sharing outdated information with customers and buyers

  • Create high-quality collateral and customizable templates that are on brand and on demand

  • Track what you share at the lead, account, contact, and opportunity level

Widen Collective and Salesforce Managed Integration

Embed the Widen Instant Search Connector within Salesforce

Add the Widen Instant Search Connector to enable Salesforce users to search, share, download, and track assets from Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Campaigns.

Widen Instant Search Connector within Salesforce

How it works:

  • The Widen Instant Search Connector appears as a custom section in standard objects

  • Search by keyword to find assets in the Widen Collective

  • Automatically display assets based on existing asset metadata such as industry, persona, stage, product, or brand 

  • Select assets to download or share via email

  • Share links update automatically as you add new versions in the Collective

  • Track what’s been shared at the lead, account, contact, or opportunity level

  • Measure asset performance across all channels using Widen Insights

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