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Widen's Salesforce Managed Integration

Link files and metadata with the Widen Collective for greater content usage

Keep your sales and marketing teams on top of their game

Don't waste time searching for sales content or wonder if you're sharing outdated information with customer and buyers. When you associate Salesforce records with asset links in the Collective, your teams always get the right assets when they need them.

  • View and access files across all your devices
  • Automatically tag content in the Collective with relevant information from Salesforce based on upload profile, asset group, or filename
  • Drive content usage from your teams by making content easier to find 
  • Drive adoption of the Collective by giving your teams easy access to the right asset versions
  • Deliver content with share links, then track content views and downloads with Insights
  • Measure sales campaign success based on number of content views and downloads
Widen Collective and Salesforce Managed Integration

No buttons to push and nothing to install

Our integration is seamless. There's nothing to install and no add-on is needed. Link your records or sync your metadata in Salesforce with assets in the Collective and never notice a change in the UI. It's that simple!

Contact us today to learn how our Salesforce Managed Integration can change the way you work.

Embed the Widen Instant Search Connector within Salesforce

Add the Widen Instant Search Connector to enable Salesforce users to search, share, download, and track assets from Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and Campaigns.

Widen Instant Search Connector within Salesforce

Contact us to learn more about the Widen instant search connector.

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