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 The easy way to manage, review,
distribute, and analyze your visual content

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Navigate the features our cloud-based digital asset management solution, the Widen Collective,™ by clicking the arrows on either side.

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Permission-based access
  • Faceted search
  • Full previews
  • Bulk uploading and editing
  • Customizable metadata
  • Auto tagging
  • Version control
  • Rights management
  • On-the-fly conversions
  • Embed codes and links
  • Insights analytics
  • Proofing and approval
  • Brand portals
  • Web-to-print templates
  • Asset archive storage
Upload, download, preview, tag, clip, transcode, share, embed, publish and analyze your image and video files.
Share groups of brand assets for viewing and downloading via custom portals.
Connect DAM to your other systems with our WordPress, Drupal, Sitecore, Salesforce, and Adobe Creative Cloud integrations. Or use Widen’s API.
Manage version control, expire assets, and attach documents across the entire content lifecycle.
Manage asset workflow and keep your teams on track with project review and approval tools.
Dive deep into asset data to track where and how assets are being used, and which content is performing successfully.
Keep an historical reference of your content assets and manage them at a lower cost.
Use granular roles and permissions to control who has access to your assets and what they can do with them.
House your brand story and make the DAM site your own using your logo, color scheme and graphics.

Print On-Demand

Place content assets directly into templates and localize your branding via print on-demand providers.

How much does it cost?

Cost can range from $20-200K, depending on number of users, applications, optional enhancements, and services.

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Gain buy in faster when these teams get involved from the get-go: Creative Operations, Marketing Communications, IT/Digital, and Procurement. 

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What's included:


Powerful Features

  • Secure cloud hosting and CDN with AWS
  • Secure site branding (https) and brand management
  • Faceted search and suggestive search
  • Advanced elasticsearch technology
  • Image, video, audio, and creative file management
  • Video management with HTML5 full previews
  • True HD video streaming
  • Web publishing for images, video, and PDFs
  • Version control
  • On-the-fly conversions and transcoding
  • Customized file sharing with collections
  • Out-of-the-box integrations
  • Lifecycle and rights management
  • Roles and permissions access controls
  • Asset and site-wide analytics
  • Widen-led onboarding and launch
  • Dedicated Customer Experience Manager
  • Goal-based launch plan
  • Branded site configuration
  • User role and governance development
  • Bulk migration of existing assets and data
  • Custom metadata and taxonomy creation
  • De-duplication and automated metadata mapping and category import
  • Custom file conversion and embed code configuration
  • Admin and general user training
  • Widen University training

Ongoing Service and Support

  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 Central Support Team
  • 24/7 support center with comprehensive knowledge base
  • Live help desk (7am-5pm CST) with guaranteed response time
  • 99.95% guaranteed availability
  • Widen Summit and regional workshops
  • Continuing education via Widen University
  • Annual site audit with CXM
  • Regularly scheduled usage review and recommendations
  • Monthly customer webinars
  • UX outreach, beta testing, focus groups, roadmap influence
  • API best practices and consultation
Using the Insights app, we can see that 96% of the ~8,800 assets we have in the DAM are actively being used. That tells me we're providing the right content for our users. Before it was just a hunch – with Insights it becomes a fact.”
Tommy Upson, DAM Administrator

Tommy Upson
VF Imagewear

“You've got a great product and a great team at Widen. We are so proud, and heroes at our company as we have solved a huge problem that has plagued our company for the 10+ years I've been here.”
Kerry Hassen, Digital Asset Management Administrator

Kerry Hassen
Delaware North

“We have 19 global offices and over 600 staff that need our approved brand photos. When sponsors or employees find out they can simply share a link to get others what they need, it makes everyone's job eight million times easier.”
Nikki Lebensonm, IDigital Asset Management Administrator

Nikki Lebenson Angulo
Institute of International Education

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