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When you work with Widen’s managed services team, you get a partner – one that understands your organization inside and out, tackles the stuff that keeps piling up, and puts your content priorities first. Here’s how we help you get back to business.


Site administration

Need someone to handle the day-to-day work for your DAM system? We can provide a short- or long-term system admin to focus solely on making your Collective site the best it can be. Widen’s managed services team will help with things like:

Find and manage the best site admin for your needs

Provide your users with admin training and support

Serve as the point of contact for your users’ questions

Keep your site up-to-date



Data migration

Transferring your files to a new system can be tedious. For a more seamless data migration, Widen will organize your digital assets and prepare them for ingestion into the Collective site. Specifically, our team will:

Review and gather assets from your different sources

Consolidate and organize your files

Prepare assets for the ingestion process

Apply taxonomy structure and hierarchies



Metadata entry

Metadata is the language that helps users find your assets. If you don’t have time to enter keywords and phrases that guide the way, we can. Widen’s managed services team will:

Apply metadata that’s specific to your business

Consider controlled vocabularies to minimize search errors

Track and apply the most searched terms from your users



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