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Widen + SharePoint Integration

Sync files and metadata between your document library and the Widen Collective®

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Make your internal documents available

If you use SharePoint to manage internal documents and want
easy access to logos and other visual assets for your
organization, look no further. From internal management to
external distribution, Widen’s SharePoint Managed Integration
makes content access and repurposing a breeze.

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Nothing to install and no UI disruptions

Our integration is seamless. When a document is added to
SharePoint’s document library, you can automatically add it as
an asset in the Collective, and vice versa, without ever seeing a
change in UI. And when assets upload to the Widen Collective,
they can be tagged with metadata from SharePoint
automatically. Everything takes place behind the scenes. It’s
that easy.

Connect file sharing with assets

Collaborate between teams and assets

Repurpose document metadata in assets

Improve overall content management

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Drive organizational productivity
integration advantage

By adding final document assets to the Collective, you increase adoption of your intranet, improve organizational efficiency, and boost team productivity.

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