Showpad Managed Integration

Arm your sales team with the latest content

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Distribute sales content
fast and easily

Your teams may only get one chance to make a sale, so make sure they've got the right content when it matters. Widen’s Showpad integration lets you get assets from the Widen Collective® right inside Showpad’s sales enablement platform. Align marketing and sales teams with the latest digital content.

Share updated assets without having to upload new ones to Showpad

Give every sales team the right messaging

Save time with fewer sales requests and increase team productivity

Lower loss of revenue opportunity from outdated content

Deliver a more consistent experience across all channels

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The Showpad managed integration advantage

Here's how Widen syncs data with Showpad. And it only takes one click.

Automatic sync
When a file is approved in Widen, it instantly appears in Showpad

Embedded metadata
Metadata managed in Widen remains with the asset

Time and date stamp
Backtrack sales assets to original creator and created date

Sales insights
See which assets are being used most by sales, and which aren’t

“The Widen-Showpad integration will save us hours of moving assets around. This will allow us to get key assets to our salespeople faster, which is a win for everyone.”

Jay Woolley
Director of Marketing


DAM powers your digital ecosystem

A digital asset management (DAM) solution isn’t just a place to manage your images, videos, and creative files, it’s a central part of your digital ecosystem.

DAM integrations with platforms like Brightcove, enable you to store, manage, and distribute all of your video content, and then enhance content performance across integrations to other critical systems you use everyday.


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