Sitecore DAM

Sitecore Digital Asset Management Connector

Manage your brand assets in the Widen Collective and extend them to Sitecore

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Access and publish your assets while working in Sitecore

The Sitecore Connector allows you to get brand assets from the Collective and easily insert them in your Sitecore web pages. With embed codes from the Collective, your published assets update automatically whenever they're updated in the Collective. You'll never have to hunt down duplicate assets in Sitecore again.

  • Search for brand assets from Sitecore and insert embed codes
  • Maintain one central source for all photos and creative content
  • Support a COPE strategy (Create Once Publish Everywhere)
COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere)

The Sitecore connector advantage

Experience big benefits when you sync assets from the Widen Collective with Sitecore’s Media Library.

  • Sync your assets from Widen Collective to the Sitecore media library and make use of Sitecore’s search engine optimization and image manipulation tools
  • Sync metadata values from the Widen Collective to the assets within Sitecore Media Library to leverage the data in other Sitecore Components, like Personalization

  • Search for brand assets from within Sitecore Content Editor and insert embed codes into web pages, directly from DAM

  • Maintain a central source for all your photos and creative content

Sitecore and Widen Media Collective integration example

“We click a button in Sitecore to do the Widen Collective sync, the systems talk, and then the asset is pulled into Sitecore. Once we had images flowing from Widen to Sitecore, our content managers could easily use those images to power the website.”

- Sub-Zero and Wolf

DAM powers your digital ecosystem and activates your content

A DAM solution isn’t just a place to manage your images, videos, and creative files,
it’s a central part of your digital ecosystem. DAM integrations with systems like Sitecore, enable you to
serve marketing content to your customers and activate it across the systems you use everyday.

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