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Software Consulting offered by Widen

Support your DAM site with our DAM savvy

If you don’t have the time or resources to manage your Widen Collective site, don’t give up. Widen’s software consultants are highly-organized, results-driven experts who can manage it for you. We’ll help dazzle your users by cleaning up metadata, reconfiguring your site, showcasing your brand, and much, much more.

Software Consulting and Service

Organize, harmonize, optimize, and re-energize

The Collective integrates the tools needed to manage all digital assets, from DAM and content analytics to Portals, Templates, and online proofing. We’ll come on site – before, during, or after implementation – to augment your team and share everything the Collective can do. It’s our business to know your business, so we can hit the ground running without you lifting a finger.


Immerse ourselves in your organization’s needs and goals

Host a workshop to understand how the Collective fits into your workflows and provide recommendations for improvement

Interview users about their DAM needs

Refresh your existing site

Review all metadata sources across your organization

Configure your DAM system for you

Manage a full-service implementation for you

Train users and administrators how to use your DAM system

See the Widen difference

With a myriad of software consultants to choose from, why work with Widen? It’s simple. We’re passionate about technology, we care about your success, and we’re here to stay.

A company that’s 70 years strong and growing

The right balance of technical and industry-specific expertise

The best service approach in the industry

Software configuration backed by great business acumen

Software Consultants at Widen

“Having a dedicated person come in with such vast knowledge of the tool was invaluable. They had a different perspective and way of looking at things. They met with individuals to find out what concerns we had with the system and showed us how to address them. In the end, they cut our metadata types by half and simplified the number of fields considerably. I would highly recommend the investment.”

Cindy Toedter
Traffic Manager


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