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Find, share, and track digital assets from one source of truth

Accuracy and efficiency are critical to your marketing and communications, whether you’re  educating your community or promoting your health services. Don’t let your teams get bogged down with slow, manual processes. Unify your brand and support compliance workflows with the help of digital asset management (DAM).

Read on to see how healthcare organizations use our DAM system, the Widen Collective®, to grow their brand and work more efficiently.

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Gain control of your digital assets

All of your current assets in one place
Manage all of your brand-approved photographs, documents, templates, logos, fonts, and colors in one accessible location.

Track versions and asset history
Eliminate the confusion and time spent on finding the latest version. When you upload a new version of an asset to the Collective, it automatically updates the file everywhere it’s been shared.

Control access with permissions
Put your users into groups and assign roles and permissions to control what they can access and how they can interact with what they see.

Work more efficiently

Find what you need faster
Create categories of assets, like brand, multimedia, hospital region, or physician portraits, to guide users to the right content. Or they can search for and filter down results to find exactly what they are looking for. 

Automate steps in the content lifecycle
Use upload profiles with preset metadata and integrations to streamline your metadata application. Create common file conversions for presentations, social media, and other formats from one master file.

Connect project requests to asset management
Kick off projects with a request form, annotate proofs, and see an audit trail of changes requested – in one place. Then make final assets available in the DAM system.

People embraced it [Widen Collective] pretty quickly once they realized how easy it was to use, that they could find everything that they needed, and that it was set up in a way that it was easy to navigate. The word spread.”
Sandra De Biasi

Project Manager of Digital Assets and Graphics


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