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Images that inspire purchases shouldn’t come from marketing’s messy hard drive

Visuals help consumers feel good about the purchases they make. An Instagram photograph of an athletic shoe can inspire someone to go for a run, and help them imagine the cushion they would feel with each stride. To deliver visuals to wherever your customers are, you need a digital asset management (DAM) system.

Below are some examples of how retail and consumer goods companies are using the Widen Collective®, our DAM system, to work more efficiently and produce effective marketing content.



HARMAN International supports rapid growth

Faster time to market
HARMAN International uses their DAM system to deliver their projects to market faster, by automating portions of their web publishing process and eliminating confusion over duplicate files.

Scalable systems
A custom integration between their product information management (PIM) system, DAM, and website facilitates a seamless flow of content. When an asset is updated in the DAM, this change is automatically reflected online. This promotes a single source of truth for all of HARMAN International’s assets.

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Citizen Watch streamlines the distribution of digital assets

Self-sufficient retailers and internal teams
The Collective allows over 3,000 independent retailers to access the artwork they need to promote and sell Citizen watches. This has drastically reduced the time their marketing team spends answering emails and sending images, allowing them to focus on creative work instead.

Control access
Citizen Watch uses roles and permissions to give different levels of access to retailers and internal teams, including e-commerce. The Collective also helps them control brand quality across their three subsidiaries, with an area in the DAM for each brand.

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Arthur Werner Photo Graphic
“Widen was a great match. We wanted something that was SaaS-based and something that was adaptable.”
Arthur Werner

Director, Global E-commerce Projects