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Safe and central storage for valuable marketing assets

It’s hard to overstate the power of visual imagery in the travel and tourism industry — engaging and vibrant photography and videos can strongly influence where customers spend their travel dollars. It’s important for marketers to store these valuable assets in a central location that’s well organized and secure.

The most effective way to manage this content is by using cloud-based digital asset management (DAM) software, like the Widen CollectiveⓇ. A DAM solution allows travel and tourism organizations to easily create, collect, manage, share, archive, and analyze thousands of assets — from one platform.

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How the Collective can support your creative content creation

Provide self-service access to assets
Create a searchable, shareable library of your client’s photos, images, documents, videos, and other creative assets.

Control user access to content
Regulate the assets available to each user through roles and permissions.

Collaborate on file creation
Review, annotate, and approve images, videos, and creative files across teams and locations.

Publish content across channels and platforms
Distribute your digital assets securely across the web, social, mobile, broadcast, or print.

Integrate with other tools
Connect your data and your workflows via Widen’s API and supported integrations.

Track asset history and use
Monitor user and asset activity to inform content decisions.

Streamline workflows in a complex industry

Tourism is one of the largest industries worldwide, contributing 6 trillion dollars annually to the global economy. It’s also complex — comprised of a range of interdependent services, including accommodation, dining, transportation, recreation, and entertainment.

Promoting a specific destination often entails a coordinated effort between these various stakeholders. DAM systems facilitate this collaboration by providing self-serve access to approved files, and workflow tools to manage the review and approval process.

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create visibility among the competition

Create visibility among the competition

With countless beautiful and inviting destinations across the globe, any local tourism organization faces enormous competition. Further, the industry is characterized by low levels of customer loyalty because of the allure of visiting somewhere new. 

It’s important for marketers to have an informed distribution strategy for their very best content. The Collective offers data analysis tools that track asset usage, to help clarify what content is most effective. And integrating DAM systems with other martech tools helps coordinate the distribution of content across channels, to maximize the value of your most impactful pieces.