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Strategic Consulting offered by Widen

Get back to the future

A strong tech stack and a strong organization go hand-in-hand. Widen’s strategic consulting team will help you work through technology distractions today, so you can focus on business success for the future.

Strategic Consulting Change Experience

Dig deep with decades of change experience

Our consultants are certified experts with the industry know-how to ask the right questions and get the answers you need. We roll up our sleeves and dig into your organization. What’s working? What can be improved? What’s missing?


Evaluate the current state of your people, processes, and technologies

Map your organization’s people stack

Map your tech stack

Identify the right technologies to help meet your business goals

Define and plan for organizational success

What challenges keep you from success? Our consultants will facilitate identifying those challenges and create a custom plan to tackle them. Whether we spend days or months with your team, we’re committed to helping everyone march in the same direction.


Marketing technology strategy design that accounts for people, processes, and technologies needed to achieve your organization’s winning aspiration.

Change management to identify individuals and teams related to your strategy and planning, and support them through changes. 

Process improvement to optimize processes and workflows related to your marketing technology strategy, focusing on increased inefficiency and user satisfaction.

Organizational Success with Strategic Consulting
The Strategic Consulting Difference

Deliver on the Widen difference

With a myriad of martech consultants to choose from, why work with Widen? It’s simple. We’re passionate about technology, we care about your success, and we’re here to stay.


A company that’s 70 years strong and growing

The best service approach in the industry

Years of experience using best-in-breed marketing technologies

Process improvement: Lean Agent certification

Change management: Prosci change management approach

Consultants who are former system admins of the Widen Collective®

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