Assets Essentials Training

In-depth training on digital asset management and the Widen Collective®

Beyond the basics

Immerse yourself in this comprehensive course about the fundamentals of DAM, site setup, and site improvement. Assets Essentials is for admins and superusers at all levels. Prior knowledge of the Collective or DAM is not required. The only prerequisites are a working site and admin privileges.

We're working on future Assets Essentials training dates at our Widen headquarters in Madison, WI. In the meantime, you can learn more about the fundamentals of managing digital assets and the Assets application by visiting Widen University.

What to expect from Assets Essentials

Whether you want to clean up your current Collective site, launch a new one, or understand more about the Collective's core app, Assets, you'll leave this course feeling rejuvenated about DAM.

  • Develop metadata and categories that reflect user needs and organizational requirements then construct or edit the metadata types in your site.
  • Determine asset groups and roles that support your organization’s security needs.
  • Configure (or modify) permissions to control who has access to your assets and what they can do with them.
  • Build upload profiles that encourage site adoption.
  • Create a plan for collecting your organization’s images, videos, and creative files and uploading to the Collective.
  • Customize or adapt help text throughout the site to improve your users’ experiences.
  • Brand your site using your organization’s logo, color scheme, and graphics.

The benefits of live training

Working in-person with Widen staff and other Collective admins can accelerate your admin skills in exciting ways.

  • Get questions answered immediately by the experts.
  • Refine ideas with input from admins who face the same challenges you face.
  • Be inspired by your professional peers.
  • Explore learning in more than one way. Assets Essentials trainings are interactive, engaging, and designed to address a variety of learning styles.
  • Enjoy results. Assets Essentials delves into key concepts of DAM and gives you the space to apply them to your site, whether you have an established site that needs edits or are setting up something new.
  • Build relationships with Widen staff from teams like marketing, customer support, development, and more.