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Widen workshops - we're coming to you!

Connecting in person to learn, network, and share ideas


A full-day, customer event in different cities across the country

Widen workshops are held in different cities throughout the year and offer a great opportunity for customers to
come together, share best practices, and see how others apply the Widen Collective to their business.

From structure and process to Insights and integrations, you’ll spark new ideas, ask questions of the Widen staff,
and interact with others who face similar challenges in their work.


Tentative 2018 dates and locations
*Subject to change

February - Atlanta

April - San Francisco

May - New York City

June - London

July - Chicago

November - Boston


Past Workshops

Chicago - July 20, 2017

New York - May 10, 2017

San Francisco - May 9, 2017

Madison - March 9, 2017

New York City - May 4, 2016
Read about it!

Chicago - July 14, 2016
Read about it!

Los Angeles - November 16, 2016
Read about it!

"Seeing Widen in person and the team's ability to answer all questions with ease was really eye opening. Everyone at my table agreed, Widen’s commitment to CX is unparalleled in the industry. I interact with a lot of CX teams from SaaS companies and nothing compares to the experience with Widen - it's a serious differentiator.

- Jennifer Morimoto, Torani

Ongoing learning around the Widen Summit

Our workshops are a sister offering to our annual customer conference, the Widen Summit, which is held each year in Madison, Wisconsin. Connect in person with the Widen family, and keep the learning going all year round! 

At each event, you’ll enjoy a mix of...

  • Presentations on the state of Widen and our future product roadmap
  • Feature sharing about what’s to come
  • Loud tables with subject matter experts facilitating key DAM topics like branding, metadata, video, Insights, integrations and user engagement
  • Exclusive one-on-one with the Widen Customer Experience Manager (CXM) team
  • Hands-on work in your Widen Collective site
  • Customer feedback sessions about the Widen Collective
  • Great food at a great restaurant with all attendees (complements of Widen!)

Join us to connect in person, learn about the Widen Collective, and hear about the latest trends in Digital Asset Management (DAM).

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