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No matter what your role, our cloud-based DAM solution makes it
easy to find, share, publish, and analyze your visual content

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Good for business, great for marketers and creatives

From marketers and creatives to software architects and IT managers, the Widen Collective® has something for everyone.

  • Branded site with custom URL
  • Batch uploading and editing
  • Unlimited metadata fields
  • Release and expiration dates for assets

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How I use the Widen Collective: The Creative
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Cloud-based DAM User American Wildlife Foundation

"We’ve got guys everywhere. With a cloud-based system like
the Collective, we can get onto it from any location and
deliver files all over the world daily."

- Grant Wheeler | Photographer

Cloud-based DAM for Graphic Design

Graphic/web designer

Needs to store, share, and repurpose the brand assets they create as part of a project

  • Version control
  • On-the-fly file format conversions
  • Asset release and expiration for rights management
  • Branded portals for external users
  • Asset analytics to leverage the most engaging brand assets
  • Release dates and approvals
  • Color space conversion control
  • Extend asset usage via share links, embed codes, and social publishing

Public Relations & the DAM Marketing Hub

Public relations

Needs quick access to share executive profiles, brand images, and logos with the media

  • House the client’s brand story
  • Access the client’s brand assets and share with the media
  • Access and share speaker photos and bios
  • Easily and quickly distribute materials about the client’s products and services

Digital Marketing & the Content Marketing Platform

Digital marketer

Needs to ensure brand assets are readily available and to organize, share, and analyze content created from those assets

  • Easily share visual content with teams, partners, and vendors

  • Achieve brand consistency across all channels

  • Create and configure any number of metadata fields
  • Accelerate project approval process

  • Control access to content via user roles and permissions
Use asset analytics to guide future marketing campaigns

Cloud-based DAM User Carnival

"We can control who can access which files and ensure that only finalized videos are used in our marketing campaigns."

- Erika Bertsch | Advertising Producer

Photo Editing & Cloud-based DAM


Needs to store and share collections of photos, easily tag images with metadata, and collaborate on edits and selections

  • Batch upload and edit
  • Refine searches to easily narrow photos
Extract metadata from sources like IPTC, XMP, or Exif
  • Configure metadata fields
  • Attach documents like scripts, talent release, rights management, and work for hire

  • Set asset release and expiration for rights management
Transcode on the fly

  • Share collections for easy photo distribution, selection, and download

Digital Asset Management Software IT Security


Needs to make sure the company’s visual content is secure at all times

  • No additional hardware or software needed

  • Upgrades, support, and training provided directly to users by Widen
  • Global access via web app with cross-browser support and 99.9% uptime

  • Redundant, reliable, and scalable data storage with 99.999999999% durability

DAM Content Marketing Platform & Creative Services

Creative services

Needs to set review and approval workflows and enable collaboration across many teams

  • Control access to content via user roles and permissions

  • Centralize all team assets in one location
  • Long-term archive asset storage
  • Set asset release and expiration for rights management
Attach documents like scripts, talent release, rights management, and work for hire

  • View analytics to show engagement and extensibility of assets

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