What does segmentation and marketing data have to do with digital asset management?

by Jake Athey, November 16, 2012


Our friends at ConceptShare recently posted a blog about the value and implications of having more marketing data to inform your segmentation efforts. The reasoning is pretty simple. In ConceptShare's words:

Data has created more opportunities for marketers to reach customers with timely and relevant messages, offers and calls to action.

Marketing teams now have the opportunity to better segment and target customers. That means generating more assets (with targeted copy, offers and images) and reaching out through a growing number of devices and channels in order to create a personalized consumer experience for your target audience.

So what does this mean in DAM? Well, if you're breaking your audiences up into segments that require different messaging, it stands to reason that you would reach out to them using different digital assets. After all, if you know half your audience is in Miami and the other half is in New York, you wouldn't try selling sports apparel to all of them with images of Jets gear.

Having that data and acting on it effectively means being able to find the tools you need quickly. The more your create assets to meet these segmentation needs, the more cumbersome your media library becomes without digital asset management software on your side. Your marketing data — if you plan to act on it — should probably inform the way you apply metadata to your assets, making them searchable in terms that are relevant to those who'll actually need to find them.

Take a look at our demo options to get a better sense for how metadata tools in Media Collective could help you take swifter action on all the data you're collecting.

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