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Our passion for quality, innovation, and making our customers happy leads our successful product lines.

Awesome people want to work with other awesome people.

Widen Enterprises is located in Madison, WI. Just as Madison is praised as one of the best places to live in America, Widen Enterprises is voted as one of the best places to work in Madison. Even our employees think so. See our most recent employee survey (2014) where 100% of employees are proud to work at Widen. Employee satisfaction is our key to successful products. We have an amazingly talented team and we are continuing to grow our teams.

We take collaboration and cutting edge technology to the next level and work in an agile and cubical-free environment which combines sales, marketing, project managers, testers, and software developers into small project teams “pods.” Group discussions and customer feedback is valued over heavy processes. Creativity is fostered through flexibility, hacker days, frequent employee-led lunch and learns, employees’ sense of humor, and a work-life balance.

If you want to work with other great people in a supportive environment, please let us know by sending your resume to hr@widen.com.
Cover letters that highlight passion are encouraged.

Current Openings

Send resumes to:

Human Resources Generalist
Widen Enterprise, Inc.
6911 Mangrove Lane
Madison, WI 53713
Phone: 608-222-1296
Email: hr@widen.com

Software Support Specialist – Tier 2

We are in search of Tier 2 Software Support Specialist to focus on providing high quality, customer oriented technical service support. You will support and work closely with our customer support team, software developers and project managers to understand the product and current issues surrounding the customer service of our multiple software brands.

Widen is a marketing technology company located in Madison, WI supporting over 400 global brands and 200,000 people with the access, management and sharing of marketing’s most coveted content. With a dynamic culture of satisfied employees, we have established a creative and innovative environment where collaboration and teamwork powers customer satisfaction. Recognized as one of the best places to work in Madison, we’re the place you tell your friends about and their response is, “that’s cool, I want to work there.” – Check out more on our culture at http://www.pinterest.com/widenenterprise/pins/.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Handle escalated tier one issues to further investigate and troubleshoot the reported problem
  • Ability to lead customers through diagnostic procedures to further define issue
  • Communicate technical issues and solutions with clients in business terms while maintaining courteousness and professionalism
  • Understand server and database infrastructure, and web applications, to troubleshoot accordingly
  • Train and coach team members to expand technical knowledge across the team
  • Provide best practice solutions and investigatory work prior to escalating tickets to appropriate staff within the organization or integration partners to achieve resolution
  • Ensure all tickets updated with accurate and timely information
  • Analyze client system data and report on functionality and performance
  • Write technical documentation for future support and communication
  • Assist with level one coverage as needed

Desired Experience:

  • Two-year technical degree in computer, graphics, business related fields or equivalent
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail

Front End Software Developer

Research and Development

We are in search of a forward thinking, nimble developer to elevate our current product line and innovate new products at Widen Enterprises. Our current software portfolio consists of web applications handling graphic and video content, mobile apps, and advanced JavaScript libraries that are used by customers worldwide.

The competitive landscape of our products drives us to adopt technologies that allow high developer productivity and instant feedback loops. We use AngularJS, PhoneGap, Jersey, GitHub, Grunt, Karma and more. Read more about how we utilize Amazon Web Services at http://aws.amazon.com/solutions/case-studies/widen/

We value group discussion and user feedback over documentation and heavy processes. Check out more on our culture at http://www.pinterest.com/widenenterprise/pins/

Our ideal candidate would have:

  • At least 2 to 3 years experience developing web-based applications
  • Ability to harness the power of JavaScript
  • A passion for quickly adopting new technologies
  • Willingness to learn from others and teach your peers

Software Test Engineer

Research and Development

We are in search of Software Test Engineer to focus on providing high quality, automated test functionality to ensure quality across our software products. The competitive landscape of our products drives us to adopt technologies that allow high developer productivity and instant feedback loops. We utilize many open-source projects, including those within our primary development languages:

We need your critical eye to be part of feature development, testing, design test plans, scripts and scenarios to execute test plans. You will be responsible for identifying problems with new software designs within an agile environment. You will support and work closely with software developers, project managers and our Help Desk team to understand the product and current issues or new product development. We need your ideas for improvements to continue scaling our products. Types of testing include functional user testing, customer scenario testing, stress testing and performance testing.

We take collaboration seriously by working in a cubical-free environment that combines marketing, project management, testing and developers into small project team “pods.” Creativity is fostered through flexible schedules and work locations, hacker days and frequent employee-led lunch and learns. We value group discussion and user feedback over documentation and heavy processes. Check out more on our culture at http://www.pinterest.com/widenenterprise/pins/.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Use and modify existing test harnesses and scripts to implement automated tests
  • Analyze design, and source code to determine needed test hooks
  • Design additional test tools to optimize test coverage
  • Work as an independent participant in a team that owns all automated testing
  • Execute functional tests using daily builds, weekly builds, and sprint builds on release candidates; execute automated and semi-automated test cases, covering system test cases and specifications from software developers
  • Consult with development and other test designers on software and system design that facilitates test automation
  • Spot problem areas quickly and communicate with team leads and/or managers
  • Gather/create software testing requirements and define test cases/plan
  • Report and document detailed software defects
  • Work closely with development team to facilitate unit and integration testing
  • Serve as a resource for other software test engineers, as well as customer support and implementation personnel

Required Knowledge and Skills:

  • Knowledge and understanding of software test processes and methodologies
  • Proven record of building solid test plans and test automation solutions
  • Understanding of the agile software development lifecycle methodologies
  • Ability to apply critical thinking skills and creativity to any situation
  • Understanding of and can work with time dependencies in regards to current issues and new development
  • Communicate technical information in a consultative clear and concise way, including verbal and written
  • Ability to research, communicate and champion ideas for quality improvements
  • Ability to balance multiple tasks simultaneously and transition between projects
  • Ability to contribute in a team environment

Desired Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or equivalent experience
  • Experience with Web browsers and internet technologies in a Software Test/QA environment
  • Programming or testing knowledge in MySQL, Java, PHP, HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Testing experience with SoapUI, Postman, Ruby, Groovy, Selenium, Geb and Watir

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to: hr@widen.com

Widen is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Although actual openings at any given time may vary, we most often look for people with experience in Software Development, Marketing, Customer Service, Project Management or related fields. If you would like to submit a resume for future consideration, please indicate your area of interest on your resume or cover letter.