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Highly configurable, affordably priced, easy to use, and quick to deploy. Our flagship DAM solution brings together all of your image, video and creative files in one location to quickly find, access and share – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • Creative tool integration
  • Video management
  • Web CMS integrations
  • Brand portals & collections
  • Workflow & collaboration
  • Lifecycle & rights management
  • Long term archiving
  • Asset-level & sitewide Insights

Make our cloud-based digital asset management software your content command center.



Take command from the system dashboard

Meet Brady, the Marketing Director at a mid-size global company. He wants a better way for his teams to activate their digital assets, get them to people who need them, and gain visibility into how they’re being used.

  • Set customized system messages
  • Add new assets via drag & drop
  • Promote featured collections and spotlight smart searches
  • Get visibility into all assets with asset activity feed

Access and search from anywhere

And meet Mark, the sales rep for the global company who wants to show his customers the latest product images and videos on his mobile tablet and smartphone. Mark doesn’t need to email his marketing team for images. Instead, he finds them easily and connects to the right content, from anywhere in the world.

  • Controlled access via user roles and permissions
  • Quick keyword and category search to easily narrow results
  • Convert image and video formats on-the-fly



Maximize creative workflow

Here’s Jayden, a web designer at the global company. She wants to update the product page on their website and design a sales aid that showcases their new images, so she uses the DAM system to find a range of images and videos for her layouts.

  • Leverage creative integrations like WordPress and InDesign
  • Track versions and changes to master assets
  • Automatically update digital assets with dynamic resizing and
    embed codes

Upload, edit and share with ease

This is Kevin. He’s the Marketing Coordinator and DAM administrator at the company. He manages the company’s Media Collective site, and uploads new images to the DAM system, then edits and releases them. He can also add approved product images to a collection for remote access by users with no login needed. An email alert notifies the different user groups that the portal is ready to show, share, and download images.

  • Upload via drag & drop, upload wizard, or upload pane
  • Batch upload and apply or edit metadata
  • Set release dates and approvals
  • Share digital assets via links, embed codes, and collections
    (brand portals)


The end benefit?


Mark has made his customers extremely happy and now has more time to keep selling.

  • He conducts more meetings remotely by sharing image links directly from the Media Collective.
  • He collaborates with his team and shares product feedback from customers.
  • He can help generate revenue by accelerating the time to market.


Jayden completes the company web page and sales aid in the same day. Now she can devote more time to other projects.

  • She repurposes the new images in other product launch materials to strengthen brand consistency.
  • She helps the company avoid unnecessary costs of re-creating and reproducing lost assets.
  • She reduces image rights violations through automated rights management alerts.


Brady is in the driver’s seat, commanding their content from one central location.

  • He rests easy, knowing their content is connecting to the right people on demand.
  • He tracks and shares data about how and where the company’s digital assets are being used.
  • He connects revenue opportunities across various channels.


Kevin can be more strategic about supporting the marketing team.

  • He becomes more productive with less time spent responding to email and phone requests – from the media, agencies, and employees – for the company’s digital assets.
  • He provides self-serve access for staff and other designers, anywhere in the world who need the company’s
    digital assets.

There’s something for everyone!


Asset analytics & Collective Insights

Our tracking and reporting features allow you to see use and engagement patterns for assets that perform best for your brand. Then turn your insights into data-driven decisions from content creation to distribution.

  • Popularity score reflects single asset performance
  • Collective Insights dashboards for a holistic “full site” look
  • Collect asset intended use data on download
  • Manipulate raw data in user and activity exports



Sharing and linking

Host your master assets on the Media Collective, then easily share and link to them without duplicating them elsewhere. When you link and share, instead of downloading, you gather insights on your digital asset usage.

  • Embed codes, social sharing, and collections
  • Download assets to Box and Dropbox
  • Customize images on-the-fly via dynamic image links



Creative tools integrations

Our integrations allow creative teams to leverage assets in the applications where they work every day, and become more collaborative, productive, and consistent with their brands.

  • InDesign plugin to drag and drop assets into page layout and maintain links
  • ProofHQ integration for online proofing



Video management

We’ve mastered images, but the Media Collective is great at managing video, too. Upload, preview, tag, clip, transcode, share, embed, publish and analyze video in virtually any format.

  • Upload videos of any size, length and resolution
  • Full length HD previews
  • Full xmp metadata read and write
  • Upload one high res video and convert on-the-fly to other format
  • Commenting and approval workflows
  • Easy share links
  • Publish to social sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter
  • Embed codes compatible with all devices and browsers
  • Complete analytics
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming
  • Archive-level storage for historical videos and project zip files



Web Content Management integrations

When it comes to powering your digital assets, Web Content Management (WCM) and Digital Asset Management go hand in hand. Digital assets are key to all online interactions, so we’ve designed our WCM integrations to bring them to the forefront and promote a better customer experience.

  • Search and embed digital assets into webpages
  • Manage digital assets in one place for smart version control



Brand portals

Our brand portals – or collections – allow you to extend brand assets beyond the core library. Customized pages let you share groups of digital assets with users and non users for viewing and download.

  • Point and click to build branded shared collections
  • Enable different levels of interaction per collection



Lifecycle and rights management

Accommodate your digital assets at every stage of their use and control every asset that builds your brand.

  • Control who can see and interact with your digital assets at any stage
  • Ensure rights management using a variety of protocols



Asset archiving

Our asset archive feature helps you keep an historical reference of your digital assets and manage them at a lower cost.

  • Search and preview all archived assets in your library
  • Maintain all history while saving on storage costs



High up in the cloud,
yet always within reach

We harness the power of Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure. That means your assets are safe, secure, and easy to access anywhere, anytime.

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Zero to DAM
in no time flat

We’ll have you up and running in 6 to 8 weeks. That includes asset upload, data transfer, site configurations, branding, training and launch support.

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The best
DAM support

Our approach is to treat our customers like partners. The result? Happy DAM. Take a look and see what you’re getting yourself into if you join the Widen community.

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