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Guided onboarding with a dedicated team

Getting your DAM site configured and ready to go is of critical importance, so it shouldn't be something you dread. That’s why we support your team, from start to finish, and go through the setup process together.

Lexy, Lanita and Emily

Kickoff-Icon  Kickoff

A brief phone meeting to talk about your site launch goals, the onboarding process, and transition you from your Widen advisor to your customer experience manager (CXM).

  • Team introductions, meet your Widen customer experience manager
  • Review what happens at each stage
  • Agree on goals for launch date
  • Ask and answer questions

site-survey-icon  Site survey

A collaborative process between you and your customer experience manager to go through the onboarding workbook and discuss your branded interface.

  • Discuss the needs for your site structure
  • Address potential points of system configuration like security, metadata and taxonomy, and roles vs. asset groups
Xuiming, Laurel, Michael, and Chris

configuration-icon  Site configuration

Widen does the initial configuration, then shows you how to do it going forward.

  • Review workbook documentation
  • Execute site configurations
Xuiming, Laurel, Michael, and Chris

metadata-catagory-import-icon  Upload and category import

A bulk upload of your assets based on a structure you choose. Customers can build from an existing folder structure. If you have data from another system, Widen can add that to the assets already uploaded.

  • Collect, upload and organize your assets*
  • Category structure, if applicable*
  • Metadata assignment (optional)**

* One bulk upload and one category assignment is included in your setup.
** Metadata assignment is an additional cost to be quoted separately.


training-icon  Training

Training is web-based. We walk your admins and general users through the basics, so everyone learns the most efficient way to navigate the site, search, download, and share. Additionally, admin users will learn how to upload assets, enter metadata, setup the Dashboard, and assign asset roles and groups.

  • Admin and general user training included 
  • Extra training available at an extra cost 

Customers have 24/7 access to our support site – with articles and videos about the Widen Collective – and our online training center,


launch-icon  Launch

Go live with your DAM site!

  • Announce the launch
  • Invite end users into the system
  • General user training

ongoing-learning-icon  Ongoing learning

Guidance from our team is an ongoing promise, so we don’t stop at onboarding. After you launch, your CXM will continue to help with your site and answer any questions. 

  • Answer high-level questions about the product and users
  • Provide recommendations for site maintenance and reconfiguration
  • Monitor your site usage to help with future use of your DAM site
  • Online training center, Widen University
  • Central Support Team/Help Desk
  • 24/7 knowledge on our support site (universal for any user)

Varian Medical Systems 

“The implementation process was one of the easiest I have every experienced. My manager still talks about how seamless and easy the transition has been. The feedback is 99% favorable and users are really enjoying the experience.”
- Sandra De Biasi, Project Manager

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