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Inform your content strategy

Conduct a content audit with these four steps and a template

When's the last time you've taken a step back from the planning and creation of content to evaluate it?

Or if you're not the one creating content, when's the last time you've given your content teams data on how the content is performing?

A content audit is a systematic review of your content. This systematic review helps you organize, evaluate, and then refine your content. 

Four steps to conduct a content audit:

  1. Form a question: To narrow the focus, identify a specific question you want to answer with your content audit. It will help prevent you from wandering around aimlessly in your data.
  2. Uncover your content: Before you start evaluating your content and making decisions, you’ll want to organize all of your content and the data you’ll be evaluating. 
  3. Evaluate your content's performance: Stop wasting time thinking of tags to include or searching for inaccurately tagged assets.
  4. Inform your team: Once you’ve evaluated your content, identify what needs to be optimized, what needs to be archived/deleted, and what needs to be created.

For more on these steps and a content audit template, check out the article.

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