Heidi Ezop with Morley Companies, Inc.

Heidi Ezop

Senior UX/UI designer

Morley Companies, Inc.

Happy DAM Happens at Widen Sticker_mr

Number of years as a customer: 2+
Number of assets: 28,719
Number of users: 57

Products used:  

  • Assets
  • Insights

Admin specialties

  • Metadata Types/Fields
  • Categories
  • Insights
  • DAM Cleanup/Site refresh
  • Roles & permissions
  • Implementation champion
  • Integrations/DAM Marketing Technology
  • User engagement strategy (anything from newsletters to site messages to training your users)


  • Drop box

Departments using the Widen Collective:

  • Marketing & communications
  • Exhibits & Displays
  • Productions Meetings
  • Incentives

Global DAM locations:

  • North America

Quote to live by:

Everything you DAM allows you to say DAM! ...and people just smile and laugh at you!

Get in touch with Heidi by email heidi.ezop@morleynet.com or LinkedIn