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Assets - Digital Asset Management


Manage your digital content throughout its lifecycle with digital asset management

Give your digital assets the visibility and control they deserve

Use our Assets app to quickly find and access images, videos, audio, and creative files in the format you need. Then download, publish, or share them wherever you are. Once your digital assets are in action, our Insights app will track their performance by showing you who's using them, where, when, and how.

Visual Content Marketing & Cloud-based DAM

Transform marketing chaos into harmony

From DAM and analytics to portals, web-to-print templates, and proofing and workflow, the Widen Collective® integrates the tools you need to manage digital assets across the content lifecycle.

Get total control with permission-based roles, deep metadata, faceted search, full previews, dynamic conversions, embed codes, content analytics, and more.

Enterprise DAM video image and audio management

Image, video, and audio management

Upload, download, preview, tag, clip, transcode, share, embed, publish, and analyze your image, audio, and video files. Get the best video streaming in the industry, including 360 and closed captioning support.

Widen digital asset management Brand Portals

Portals and collections

Use portals and collections to easily share groups of assets for viewing and downloading without having to go into your DAM system.

DAM Software embed codes and share links

Embed codes and share links

Place images, videos, or documents in web-based channels. Versions update automatically without a drag on bandwidth.

Global content delivery network CDN

Global content delivery network

Serve content around the world from multiple data centers with high availability and performance.

DAM system lifecycle and rights management

Lifecycle and rights management

Manage version control, expire assets, and attach documents across the entire content lifecycle.

Digital Asset Management Site branding

Site branding

House your brand story and make the DAM site your own using your logo, color scheme, and graphics.

Enterprise DAM software solutions and image recognition

Image recognition and auto tagging

Automatically tag image assets upon upload with AI image recognition services.
Enterprise governance with DAM software

Enterprise governance

Manage all users with enterprise-grade information. Governance controls ensure security and scalability.

Digital media management provides asset insights

Asset and sitewide insights

Once your digital assets are out in the world, you can see who's using them, where, when, and how, then make future content decisions based on facts instead of hunches.

Access control and digital asset management

Access control

Use granular roles and permissions to control who has access to your assets and what they can do with them.

Print on-demand with brand asset management

Print on-demand

Place content assets directly into templates and localize your branding via print-on-demand providers.

DAM software connectors and integrations

Managed integrations

Connect to systems upstream and downstream from DAM with our many connectors and integrations.

DAM SaaS and creative workflow integration

Creative workflow

Manage workflows and keep your teams on track with project review and approval tools.

Asset archiving and your DAM system

Asset archiving

Keep a historical reference of your assets and manage them at a lower cost.

DAM software API


Connect your assets and metadata with other systems across your digital ecosystem and marketing technology stack.

Widen's staff is extremely helpful and willing to go the extra mile. We demoed many DAM solutions and Widen was head and shoulders above the others.
Digital Asset Management System User EJ Flammer

EJ Flammer
New Era Cap

“Any system we used in the past couldn't handle our large volume of images and files or deliver with speed. The Widen Collective does it like a charm. It’s amazing how fast it is.”
Corey Chimko Digital Asset Management Software User

Corey Chimko
Cornell University

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