Assets digital content lifecycle management Assets

Manage your digital assets from a single source across the entire content lifecycle

How Assets works

Digital Content Lifecycle Management Searching

Start with digital asset management, then go anywhere

Safeguard your content, share it generously, and inspire your tribe

Find image, video, audio, and creative files quickly and easily

Convert file formats on the fly

Create assets once, then download, publish, or share them anywhere

Measure creative and marketing strategies with content analytics

Get everything you need from the Widen Collective®

  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Permission-based access
  • Faceted search
  • Full previews
  • Bulk uploading and editing
  • Customizable metadata
  • Auto-tagging
  • Version control
  • Rights management
  • On-the-fly conversions
  • Embed codes and share links
  • Content analytics
  • Proofing and approval
  • Brand portals
  • Web-to-print templates
  • Asset archive storage

All for one content lifecycle, and one content lifecycle for all

Video Asset Management and Enterprise DAM Brand Asset Management Embed Codes and Share Links Enterprise-DAM-System-Lifecycle-Rights-Management

Creativity a la carte

Tag, clip, transcode, embed, convert, stream video, and publish assets all from one content marketing hub

Post and toast

Publish an asset with embed codes, edit the master file, and it will update automatically wherever it lives online

Fight for your rights

Assets protects your brand with version control, asset expiration dates, and image rights

Widen Enterprise DAM Solution Brand Portal Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) Enterprise Digital Asset Management Site Branding

Sharing is caring

Portals and collections group and share your assets for easy viewing and downloading

Get a little closer

Our global content delivery network lets you serve content around the world from multiple data centers with the highest availability and performance

Bring on your brand

Make the DAM system your own by using the logo, colors, and images that reflect who you are

Enterprise DAM Software Solutions and Image Recognition Digital Media Management Provides Asset Insights Enterprise Digital Asset Management Workflow Tool

The easiest API around

If you can't find the connectors you're looking for, you can always do it yourself with our API

The circle of content life

Once your assets run their course, archive them to reduce storage costs and preserve a historical record

The proof is in the workflow

Manage project comments and revisions in one place with our online proofing and approval tool, Workflow

Enterprise DAM Software and Governance Digital Asset Management Solutions Access Control Enterprise DAM Software Connectors and Integrations

Make it enterprise

Manage your users with flexible governance controls that ensure security and scalability

On guard 24/7

Control what users see and do in your DAM system and monitor who's using your assets where, when, and how

Connect your systems

Build your martech stack on top of our DAM solution, a true content marketing hub for all your content activities

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