2010 IPA Leadership Conference, 360-Degree Marketing Execution

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2010 IPA Leadership Conference, 360-Degree Marketing Execution

Get a 360-degree view of the new trends and technologies shaping the future of cross-media communications at the 2010 IPA Leadership Conference, February 4-6, 2010 – Scottsdale, Arizona.

The IPA Leadership Conference, 360-Degree Marketing Execution, brings together brand owners and business leaders from creative, premedia and print communities to share experiences, strategies and knowledge of marketing execution and cross-media communications. Many of the most respected thought leaders in marketing will provide a 360-degree view of the trends and technologies shaping the future of cross-media communications.

Gain critical insight and valuable ideas on how your company can plan for success!

Registration and details online at www.ipa.org/leadership or download the complete program.

Keynote Presentations

Best Practices in this Brave New World of Marketing
Julie Roehm, former chief marketing officer, Walmart and DaimlerChrysler

Julie Roehm, a powerful, charismatic marketing visionary, is one of the most successful global marketing, new media, advertising and brand-building experts in the United States. Roehm will share her story from behind the scenes at the world’s most influential retailer to show how quickly the world is shifting and how marketers, agencies and service providers can plan for success in this brave new world. Always ahead of trends, Julie will provide you with extraordinary insight and ideas on how to succeed in the tumultuous world of marketing communications.

Lead Gen-to-Gen Y: Preparing for the New B2B Buyer
Liz Brohan, Co-CEO, Colman Brohan Davis (CBD) Marketing

Gen Y, the tech-savvy children of baby boomers, are fast becoming managers making purchase decisions about your products and services. Don’t market to them in the same old ways. The leader of one America’s largest integrated marketing agencies will reveal how Gen Y’s habits and characteristics are defining what’s new and what’s next in integrated marketing, lead generation and retention. You’ll gain new ideas about how to sell to this emerging buyer of media production and marketing services.

Facing the Future of Sales: How to Reach the CMO
Liz Miller, Vice President, Programs and Operations, CMO Council

The need for face-time with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of both current and prospective clients has never been greater. With variable data, social networking, shifting marketing budgets and the ability of sales tracking, a CMO-meeting is a critical step in the sales process. Reaching and interacting with the CMO takes planning, a pinch of tact, and a whole lot of technique. The VP of operations for a worldwide organization of 5,000 CMOs, controlling more than $125 billion in annual marketing buys, will share how to communicate effectively with C-level executives.

Conference Themes

Marketing Execution Best Practices
Get a 360° view of marketing successes and failures that will help you execute breakthrough marketing programs.

New & Emerging Media
Learn how you can use new technologies to enable clients to make the transition from traditional to more personal and engaging marketing.

Fundamentals of the New Media Enterprise
Find out what it takes to reach marketing services buyers with the right message in this new world of cross-media communications.

Session Highlight: Interactive Discussions

Proven Marketing Execution Best Practices

  • Julie Roehm, Walmart & DaimlerChrysler
  • Margie Dehm, Sara Lee Corporation
  • Marriott Winchester, SGS International

Integrating Social Media with Cross Media

  • M.J. Anderson, Trekk Cross-Media
  • Jim Egan, Kerry Ingredients
  • Chris Walling, Brandfire Marketing Group

Profiting from New & Emerging Media

  • Liz Brohan, Colman Brohan Davis Marketing
  • Pam Ansley Evans, IBM

Innovative Procurement Models

  • Cheryl Kahanec, Sandy Alexander
  • Print Production Manager, GlaxoSmithKline
  • CJ Kornell, Arizona State University

Registration and details online at www.ipa.org/leadership or download the complete program.

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