A Championship Solution with Widen’s Digital Sampling and Digital Asset Management.

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By Kim Cordova- Widen Resource Support Specialist
It’s that magical time of the year of championship playoffs. While hockey fans can’t wait to see their team hoist the Stanley Cup, and NBA Fans anticipate their team being showered in confetti, we’re more excited to see the championship t-shirts.
Have you ever thought about the game-winner championship apparel that is created in what seems to-be seconds? The team scores the winning goal, skates around the ice with the trophy, and you can hop on your smartphone to buy the same hat the MVP is wearing in the blink of an eye. Widen plays a pretty awesome role in making that happen. Marketing and creative professionals manage and distribute the game-winning images using Widen Digital Sampling and Digital Asset Management. Heres 6 reasons why championships are exciting to us.
Widen NHL NBA T-Shirts
1. We’re part of the team
While our team isn’t “suiting up,” we do help shave weeks off the time to market with our process. Even more, Adidas and Reebok are able to drastically reduce the costs of physically producing each item/team combination by replacing that process with digital sample production. 
2. Who’s house? Our house.
If you consider our software a ‘house’ for digital assets. Garment blanks are shot in our photo studio and the master assets are housed and delivered within Widen DAM software. Many of the apparel styles aren’t even physically produced, many of the images are on hold and tightly and securely controlled using Widen’s roles & permissions structure. 
3. The difference is in the details
The NBA is branded with Adidas and the NHL uses the Reebok brand. Both are part of the Adidas Sports Licensed Division, but as we all know, they use different logos on their products. This branding detail even goes down to the tiny label on the inside back behind the neck. 
4. We’re prepared for every outcome
Instead of picking a winning bracket, we create and house digital samples for all of the finals teams. When a team is eliminated for the playoff, that digital asset is also eliminated from our system. Below are some of the designs we helped produce for the NBA and NHL finals!
NBA and NHL use Widen
5. The results are instant
It’s a pretty quick chain of events: team scores winning goal/basket, buzzer rings, crowd cheers, confetti litters the arena, and a little notification comes up in your email congratulating the team on their victory - offering official team championship merchandise before officials even announce the MVP of the game.  When it’s time for the images to hit the market, retailers will already be ready to go with the correct winning images. 
6. We love our customers
Above anything else, it’s great to know our customers value our solutions. Whether it’s something as gargantuan as major-sports playoffs, or just being able to find the right picture from a recent event - we love knowing that Widen makes our customer’s jobs easier and better. 
So yes, while NBA and NHL fans eagerly await the outcomes of the championship games - we’re excited about the t-shirts.
Read more on how the pros use widen for championship apparel, and check out why Widen is the best DAM partner for you.

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