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If you’re in creative or marketing, you know that new and potentially great ideas come all of the time, but the ones that actually make it through to your audience for good first impressions and lasting impacts are hard to come by.

If you’re like me…new marketing ideas can come at all hours of the day and in all different places.  Where do they get recorded - the palm of your hand, a voicemail on your office phone or on a bar napkin?

New ideas are unpredictable and uncommon, but they’re not always unforgettable. They often get lost in the shuffle and then you’re back to recreating that great idea or coming up with new ones.

That’s why we have the cool idea box – a convenient place to keep inspiring artifacts, mementos, raw scribbles and gibberish jottings that have at one-time made us think “that’s a cool idea!” They’re inspiring little pieces of information that give us something to build on for our next campaign message or product launch.

Cool Idea Box

Of all the great ideas that come to fruition in the form of usable media – photographic captures, illustrations, graphic designs, sounds bytes and video clips – where do they get recorded so they can be easily repurposed? That’s a DAM good question.

They’re likely on the designer’s hard drive or departmental network folder, but what good are they if they can’t be easily accessed.  They don’t actually become digital assets if they aren’t applied to the ultimate goal of maximizing profitability or serving as a building block to your brand identity.

One of the biggest frustrations in marketing or creative is the lost time spent having to re-create usable media that once began as a great idea. 

Just think of how many hours you’ve worked late trying to recover that once great idea and put it to work by recreating the digital assets adding to your message.  How many people were involved?  How many resources were used?  Was it as good as the original?

Now, where would be a great place to keep those tangible (or digital) ideas so they can be accessed anywhere and repurposed by all stakeholders part of building the brand experience?  You got it…digital asset management isn’t just for the finished media, it’s an idea box for creative and marketing people too.

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