Are your assets (and other data) any less safe in the cloud?

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It's not uncommon for us to hear from people who believe that there's something about cloud-based or hosted solutions that makes them inherently less safe and secure than installed, on-premises alternatives. I'm no psychologist, but I have to assume that the idea stems from the fact that you can see and touch (and hear) on-premises servers and hard drives, which creates a false sense of control.

Really, though, how much consolation will all that be when you're hit by a natural disaster and don't have your assets replicated across cloud servers in different parts of the country? Will you feel any better when you see and touch the bills for the maintenance and repair of all that hardware?

There's also, of course, the issue of hacking. As this story illustrates, keeping your assets and other data in-house doesn't mean they're better guarded.

A group of hackers have breached one of the servers of UN's International Atomic Energy Agency and have published part of the information they claim to have stolen from the server.

The hacking collective going by the name 'Parastoo' have claimed responsibility for the hack and have published over 150 email addresses on Pastebin. The hacking collective has noted in the post that the published emails are of those people who “help” the IAEA.

Now, cloud storage isn't impermeable. We're not making that claim. What we are saying is that that claim is also untrue of any systems you might house in your facilities. In fact, unless you're an enormous organization that can dedicate incredible resources to security, chances are your company just doesn't have the means to secure your assets the way, say, Amazon Web Services can.

Part of the "management" referred to in the term "digital asset management software" is secure storage. It's important to find a solution that keeps your media safe, but it's also important not to fall into the delusion that you can keep it all safer than the experts can. There are lots of things out there threatening the security of your assets, and — if you ask us — you best bet is to protect them with a trustworthy cloud solution.

We're always happy to talk about your particular needs and whether Widen Media Collective (or, more broadly, Web-based DAM software) is right for you. Get in touch with us to arrange a chat.

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