Arrrr..."Advancement Ho!"

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Sarah Cronn, Prepress Apprentice

What does 60 years of Widen mean to me?  In celebrating our 60th anniversary, I would have to say that to me, Widen means change, it means growth, it means advancement.

On July Fourteenth, in this year, Two Thousand and Eight my cohort and I embarked on an incredible journey.  The journey continues with a great many successes, lessons, hard work and laughter.  I am one of the Apprentices to the Prepress Services division at Widen Enterprises.  It is quite exciting to be a part of such an experience as we celebrate Widen's 60th year in the Prepress Industry.  As technology changes, so arise new demands, knowledge and fresh approaches.  Two Apprentices, new to the industry – you cannot get more fresh than that.

Just two and a half months ago we were introduced to the functions of the Premedia Services Division.  We began working in the Digital Photography Studio alongside Widen's photographers.   This entrance gave us a primer into the procedures followed at Widen.  Pouring the foundation for the Widen workflow, we were showed the "hows" and "whys" that enable Widen to thrive supplying high quality marketing communications in a competitive market.

From the studio to the machine.  We began with photography, processing the digital images or passing them onto other departments to work their magic.  The machine became a more integral part of our day, a more important tool to our set of growing skills.  We began working with members of Quality Control, the members of Quality Control would introduce us to our next great adventure, our skill sets expanding.

Skill sets expanding, ah I like the sound of that.  Learning is a great joy of mine, and in an industry like Prepress that attitude is an asset as well.  With the many developments in technology over the past 60 years (even 10 years), openness to change and acceptance of the "new" and the "now" are a must. Acceptance becomes practice, practice becomes proficiency.  I think of it as variety, as they say, it is "the spice of life".  Learning new techniques I can apply to my set of skills impacting my work day as well as my personal work gives me that variety I strive for.  Only two and a half months in and I look at all I have learned, the small details, the bigger themes and I know there is much more to come.

The journey continues… I look forward to the new territory thus far unrevealed to me at Widen.  To me, Widen will continue to mean advancement, as I learn and progress, Widen will continue to mean change as it grows to meet the ever volatile market it has thrived in for the past 60 years.

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