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If you were wondering whether or not the title of this post was in error because it doesn’t refer to “digital branding”, no, this is not a mistake. Leaving out the word “digital” in relation to branding was done because it reflects the fact that modern-day branding has essentially become a digital endeavor. Digital marketing assets are so heavily associated with anything to do with branding that using the term “digital branding” is more or less redundant because one can simply no longer effectively focus on branding without involving the use of a digital asset library.

Branding and DAM SoftwareSure, Fortune 500 companies can afford to make and distribute television commercials but even they make far more use of digital marketing assets for brand building purposes. Some businesses still use billboards and many advertise in print but no business that wants to succeed will forego building up their digital marketing asset library when it comes to branding. The reasoning for this is simple, more and more people are spending more time in front of a computer screen and using their mobile devices to gather information from the Internet than they do watching television or reading the newspaper. Digital media outlets such as social media are quickly becoming the preferred means of entertainment and source of information for a significant proportion of the world’s population. With this in mind, to not make use of a digital asset management system to better control your digital content for branding is simply an invitation for fiscal disaster.

Since branding has become synonymous with marketing performance, it only stands to reason that the face of the company should be carefully managed. Referring to digital assets as the “face of the company” may sound extreme to some but won’t when they realize that most contact (and brand impressions) that potential clients have with a company come in the form of a link to a video that was sent to them by a friend, as an online ad when surfing the Internet on their mobile device, or as a link to a website at the end of an online article.

The majority of people are simply going to be introduced to and get to know a company by route of its digital marketing assets. This in turn greatly augments the importance of digital asset management programs. A few of the reasons why a corporate image library hosted and maintained with a Software as a Service provider benefits branding are:

    • Centralized control of digital marketing assets – This methodology of managing digital assets promotes brand consistency because you're able to easily manage various levels of access to which logos, images, videos and other digital marketing collateral should and can be used.


    • Digital assets are hosted on third-party servers More large, high quality digital marketing assets for high quality branding are immediately and easily available because they are hosted on third-party servers allowing for unlimited storage space and geographically-dispersed users can use the bandwidth of the cloud.


  • More efficient global marketing workflows Once again, the centralized character of online brand asset management software is conducive to a higher degree of global efficiency and thus fosters greater ability to improve return on digital marketing investments through greater use and repurposing within branding guidelines.

Try a demo of the DAM software from Widen to see how SaaS DAM solutions support stronger corporate branding.

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