DAM Software Challenges For 2011

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The social media revolution happened so quickly within the past five years that many companies scrambled (and are still scrambling) in an attempt to somehow keep up with the massive changes it has produced in the marketing and sales dynamic. As user-driven media increased in popularity and said users gained the capability of posting and sharing images and videos, such digital media ceased to be solely related to marketing teams and companies who paid for advertisements on the radio, television, or Internet. As marketers have had to adapt to this user-driven, digital dynamic, the need for more advanced means of managing digital assets has risen.

DAM software was developed to meet this need and provide solutions to challenges posed by digital image management, video content management, and brand management. In such a quickly changing and evolving field as social media, improvements and adaptations in DAM are just as constant.

Nevertheless, there are always challenges waiting on the horizon for DAM Asset Management and some of the biggest for 2011 could be:

Digital Asset Management Challenges1. Dominance of mobile devices – Mobile devices will continue to increase in popularity until they become the de-facto means of digital communication for a huge percentage of the globe. In addition to steadily replacing simple cell phones, some experts predict that they could also replace point and shoot cameras because of their ability to take adequate photos which can then be immediately shared with others via the Internet. Since mobile devices are increasing in number and brand, this could conceivably cause growing concerns for a centralized approach to DAM.

2. Video management The popularity of video on the web just keeps growing apace and is nearly matched by advances in their function and capability. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise if DAM software is confronted with issues related to maintaining control over online video publishing and online video management.

3. Social media influence Even more so than video, social media continues to evolve and expand its influence for brand marketers and will therefore certainly provide challenges and opportunities with DAM. Since rapidly evolving social media is a principle platform for marketing brand assets, keeping up with any changes and improvements posed by this user-driven dynamic could represent the biggest and most important challenges for DAM.

Much of the potential obstacles faced by DAM in the upcoming year are related to harnessing and leveraging the fast evolution of social and digital media marketing advancements. In addition to acquiring DAM technologies from a tested and experienced company that provides solution driven products, one potential solution to these challenges is the possible creation of standards for DAM. This could happen when the DAM Foundation meets in March of this year.

To learn more about how to manage your growing digital media library with DAM, request a demo of Widen's SaaS DAM solutions.

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