Dear Dr. DAM: Bring Peace to My Digital Media

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DEAR DR. DAM:  I’m a director for a .GOV and my role is to empower others with knowledge and resources around the globe.  However, as a centralized organization with global “feet in the street” we need a system that is highly accessible.   Like any other marketing organization, we have a need for digital asset management systems.  However, our need is primarily with audio / video file handling.  We need a web based DAM system that makes our assets searchable and allows photographers and around the world will be able to upload images, audio and video remotely.  What do you got for me? 

DEAR PEACE BE WITH YOUR ASSETS PAUL:  Widen’s digital media management platform will suit you well.  You’ll have global access to search, upload and download all forms of digital media.  Widen’s video asset management capabilities will allow you to preview the full file, transcode to a wide variety of formats on the fly and order authored DVDs anywhere in the world.  A future opportunity for you is to use the concept of Widen’s embed links which will allow you to maintain only one master library for all digital media, but deliver it to multiple online locations.  Whenever there’s a need to update the file, you only need to update the asset in your DAM, not all of the online sites it is published. 


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