Dear Dr. DAM: Control and Efficiency Needed in MarCom – Do I Need DAM Power?

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DEAR DR. DAM:  I’m Henry, the marketing communications manager for a global energy corporation.  Does this sound familiar?… My issue is that we have thousands of photos located on multiple servers in multiple facilities.  Many of our digital assets contain structured information that must be controlled so that those that need access can easily get it and those that shouldn’t—don’t.  Control is just as high on my list of priorities as efficiency.  How do we provide regulated access to different groups of assets at different clearance levels?  After all of those issues, we have a ton of video we’d like to get fed to our online domains and need a central repository to manage and work with those files.  Add in a handful of logos and audio podcast files and you get the mess I’m tasked to deal with now.  We’ve reached the tipping point of not knowing where anything is on our internal network and it’s time I do something about it.  I don’t have the staff to make this a full time gig, so service is critical.

DEAR HAPHAZORDLY ORGANZIED HENRY:  It’s a reoccurring theme my friend.  You are not alone as these are issues that Widen DAM SaaS experts solve on a daily basis. How does a web-based, centralized digital asset library with permission-based access sound?  As for structuring Widen digital asset solutions, assets groups are buckets where assets are held.  Roles are groups of users.  Users in a role receive permission to do things such as view, order or higher level administration to assets in an asset group.  Asset groups are most efficiently used if you think in terms of restriction.  If there is an asset or group of assets that a certain group of users should not have access (cannot view, cannot order, etc.), then those assets should be in their own asset group.  That gives you the ability to control those assets more tightly.  To power your online video content, you should see what digital asset embed links can do for control and efficiency. Simply paste the asset’s unique URL into your web CMS and each page will pull the most recent video asset from your DAM system.  Update multiple websites instantly with one click.  I know everyone in marketing is running pretty lean these days… that why you need software AND service.  You need DAM Power.


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