Dear Dr. DAM: Digital Assets are Giving me Daily Headaches!

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DEAR DR. DAM: My name is Sid and work in the enrollment department for a community college. A major focus of my position is putting together presentations and doing what my boss calls, “reaching out and connecting with” potential students to boost enrollment. Although for some odd reason, my boss doesn’t want to call this “marketing”, essentially, that is what I am doing. A large part of my “reaching out” utilizes such social media outlets as Facebook and YouTube which means that the majority of my marketing materials are digital in nature.

So, that said, let me tell you why daily headaches seem to have become an unwanted “bonus” associated with my position. Maybe you are aware of this already, but in any case, community colleges and a lot of second-tier schools have grown during the past few years. A growing number of Americans want or need a second career and are signing up for classes in droves. At least that has been the case at our institution. This is a serious plus when it comes to job security and I am grateful but for me, it has also generated some seriously stressful situations.

For example, to make sure that we are “reaching out and connecting with” enough potential students to fill the higher number of classes to be taught in newly constructed buildings, my boss wants me to put together and send out five times the amount of marketing materials compared to a year ago! Conceivably, I should be able to do this no problem but I need to work late just about every day to keep up! The reason for this isn’t because I am slow or anything, it’s because the whole darn system is slow! Literally! I mean, you can’t believe the frustration associated with requesting basic images or a few videos from our manager of marketing materials. I actually believe that she tries to do her best but sometimes it’s hard to get a hold of her, it seems to take forever for her to acquire the materials, or if I am given a link to digital assets, it can take so long to download them (especially when this involves several high definition videos), that I just need to walk away from the computer and take the time to get a coffee because if I have to sit there and wait, I am afraid that I will end up breaking something out of frustration! I suspect that what we need is some sort of online digital asset management solution but how can I convince our boss of this?

DEAR HEADACHE SUFFERING SID: You are absolutely correct in assuming that DAM software will be the medicine you need for those daily headaches. From what you have shared, I can also tell you that the manager of marketing materials is probably suffering just as much as you if not more! My suggestion to you, Sid, is to meet with the marketing manager to discuss the problems you are both having and then put together a presentation for decision makers that discusses why the university needs digital asset management programs to help fill those new classrooms. You are both working longer hours with fewer results because the growing library of very large digital assets makes them more difficult to manage and download on an internal server. Third-party hosting of your digital asset library on a SaaS DAM platform will immediately resolve this obstacle and boost efficiency tremendously. Centralized brand asset management software will also make it far easier to communicate and share digital assets with the marketing manager. Use these arguments to convince decision makers of the need for acquiring a DAM solution and have them try out the Widen sandbox so they can see for themselves why the university needs a more efficient means of managing digital assets.


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