Dear Dr. DAM: Higher-Ed with Higher Need for Digital Asset Management

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DEAR DR. DAM:  I’m  Stan, the director of photography for a division one university and it’s time that I get a tool to help us manage the wealth of photography that we’ve accumulated.  I’m basically a one man show when it comes to shooting and managing our university photography department.  I have I.T. support for photo asset management software, in which they suggested an open source solution but that is not a viable option.  We currently have a server storing our raw photos that we’ll continue to maintain for internal content management and structure, but we want to get a majority of our photos online to serve hundreds of internal and external users.

We have four different schools at the University and have one student administrator who can upload the photos to a digital asset management system.  The school library currently offers historical photos for articles and publications.  I regularly get a half dozen to a dozen requests per day to provide images for various needs around campus.  It pains me to the point that I have little time to do anything else and no time to shoot. 

Eighty percent of the photos archived are used to update the website.  We work closely with the campus print shop to provide photos for producing publications.  I’d like the print shop to have access to the DAM system with permission to download photos.  Segmented administration and the ability to restrict rights to view and download photos for each specific department is important to controlling image use.  Others that need access include external state entities and commercial publications and magazines.

DEAR ONE MAN BAND STAN:  I understand what you’re going through as the one person responsible for the entire photography operation for the university.  Fortunately, you can seek help in a software as a service provider that can provide the tools you need to manage and share your photo library with all the various departments and external affiliates and publications.  The Widen DAM system should be so simple any of your administrators or users will be able to use the system.  You’ll find that segmentation is simple with Widen’s Roles&Permissions management set.  Plus, you’ll be able to limit the file formats each role of users has access to.  I hope that eases your mind... now get out there and shoot! 


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