Dear Dr. DAM: I Need Help with Duplicate Assets!

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DEAR DR. DAM: This is Dorothy and I am in management at the marketing department of a community college. To improve enrollment and compete with other higher learning institutions in the rapidly expanding metropolitan area where we are situated, administration has invested in the marketing department. I fortunately got a raise but it came with a higher workload. One of my new responsibilities is to make sure that our marketing production teams are filling a monthly quota of new videos and other digital assets. That is coming along well but ironically, that is also where the problem lies! Well, to be honest, it’s good for the school but has been bad for me because I am in charge of managing all of these digital assets in our digital image library.

One of my main problems has been duplicate assets. It seems like no matter how much I try to get organized and work with the people who produce our marketing materials, I keep finding video content or digital images that are duplicates with different names or are different but meant to do the same thing. I obviously need to get a handle on eliminating duplicates while also making sure that we are not producing several different types of logos or our branding is going to be a joke! I need to get more organized now and wonder what DAM software can do for me?

DEAR DISORGANIZED DOROTHY: Let me start off by telling you that you are the perfect candidate for digital asset management tools. One of the biggest strengths of a DAM system is its ability to make everything related to digital assets far more organized than you ever imagined. Since your institution is also investing in marketing, they probably won’t mind at all paying the very affordable fees for hosted DAM solutions. Here are a few ways in which DAM will solve your problems:

  • Duplicate assets – The centralized control associated with brand asset management software will help you maintain control over that rapidly growing corporate image library and will quickly eliminate your duplicate digital asset problem. After metadata has been used to best organize your assets, you will quickly find and take care of any duplicates, and then it will be even easier to avoid duplicates of new material that gets uploaded to the DAM system.
  • Branding – Digital media asset management allows you to organize assets by department or other branding needs and also gives you control over which should be used. This will immediately solve the branding issues you are facing simply because you will have much more control over your abundance of marketing materials.
  • Software as a Service – Although this isn’t one of your problems, I should mention that with DAM SaaS, you will be given all of the help you need to get your DAM solution set up and running as quick as possible, tips on how to best use it, upgrades when you need them, and training for all users.


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