Dear Dr. DAM: In Search of Coursework on Digital Asset Management

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DEAR DR. DAM: My name is Larry and I work in the human resources department of a large medical technology company. In looking at questions and concerns that others have presented to Dr. DAM, mine will be quite different although they still pertain to digital media asset management and content management and structure. Our company got on board with DAM some time ago and have been very successful at augmenting user adoption among the core user groups. If there are any issues with it, I am not aware of them although that would be handled by the heads of Internet marketing in any case.

As part of my job description, I work at boosting the efficiency and productivity of current employees by keeping them up to date on new technologies and practices adopted by the company. Recently, digital media management has become such an important and valued aspect of the way we do business that even non-marketing people are required to have knowledge of what it is and how it works. For example, two weeks ago, decision makers in all departments were required to attend presentations about digital asset management programs that were given by senior marketing executives. Shortly thereafter, I was given the directive of encouraging employees in our various marketing, brand, sales, and customer service departments to take coursework on DAM.

The importance that the administration is placing on this is very apparent since the company is offering to foot the bill for employees to attend higher ed courses on digital asset management. Unlike other course offerings, however, I can’t seem to find any places that offer educational programs related to digital assets management. With the administration putting pressure on me to get employees signed up for DAM courses, I am beginning to lose sleep over this! Can you tell me which universities (if any) offer educational programs on DAM?

DEAR LOSING SLEEP OVER LITTLE THINGS LARRY: Although courses or degrees for DAM aren’t so widely available at this time, since rich media management and digital assets management in general are rapidly becoming an inherent aspect of marketing, courses on DAM should become available soon at most universities that offer technology-related programs.

I realize, however, that you can’t exactly wait around for courses on DAM to become available everywhere so to help with your stress-related insomnia, I can tell you that courses and degrees on DAM are taught at Columbia University, RIT, Simmons College, San Jose State University, and University of Central Florida. I would start with these centers of higher education as they provide courses taught by field professionals who integrate research projects, professional case studies, site visits, industry guest lecturers and real-life DAM tools into the course curriculum. All of the instructors know what they're talking about and a few use Widen DAM sandboxes to assist with student learning. Get in touch with any of these schools and they'll have your novice and experienced DAMsters on the right path!


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