Dear Dr. DAM: Marketing and Sales Get Along Like Cats and Dogs When It Comes to Our Brand

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DEAR DR. DAM:  My name is Stacey, the Sales Director at a pet food distribution company. My job is to make sure our sales reps are fully equipped to sell our product. Right now, we are seeing tremendous lag time in getting the latest materials out to them, and also making sure the corporate branding is consistent. We work with themed promotions and when we release the latest version we have to spend so much time customizing each contact portion for our sales reps all over the US and then get all the materials sent out. Shipping costs are outrageous!  In terms of representing our brand consistently, I have sales reps that get sick of waiting and try to manipulate the old piece themselves and quite frankly the end product doesn’t represent the company the way we would like.  Marketing and Sales teams are just on two completely different chapters… let alone pages.  It’s like working with cats and dogs!  What can I do?

DEAR SELF-EMPOWERED STACEY:  Simply put, you need to take a look at Widen’s Marketing Asset Management system for dynamic media building. This application will allow your sales reps to build promotional materials on-demand by selecting a pre-approved layout, group of images and text, and have the ability to customize each piece to their specific selling situation. Your reps can log on to your web-based library and build flyers, brochures, direct mail and all sorts of printable collateral – instantly.  What’s more, they can seamlessly send the files to a local printer to be professionally printed on-demand. This will reduce high shipping costs, high lag times and give you the ability to keep brand consistency at the forefront.  Best of all, you’re enabling your sales channels to get the latest and greatest materials in the hands of your customers. The best part is your sales team will feel self empowered and the person having to do these batch creations can actually get some rest.


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