Dear Dr. DAM: We Need Better Rich Media Asset Management

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DEAR DR. DAM: This is Sandra from Minnesota. I am in a fix because we have so many high quality, high resolution digital assets. The company should be having problems because we don't have enough assets but ironically, it's the other way around! When I took the position of assistant head of marketing, I never would have imagined that having too many high quality marketing materials could be an issue but here we are!

To give you an idea of how this happened, let me start by telling you a bit about the company I work for. We distribute hats, gloves, some footwear, and various other accessories to stores from Montana to Ohio. The high number of items that we deal with means that we need a subsequent high number of images depicting each and every one of them. We therefore have a pretty big digital image library, a huge main catalog, and regional catalogs that are nearly as large.

Last year, management realized that we could save a substantial amount of money if we eliminated the printed versions of our catalogs by digitizing them and making them available online. The thinking was that this way, both our clients and regional sales representatives could easily access high quality images of our products. The idea didn't just stop with images though. It went on to include high resolution videos showing models wearing a variety of accessories. This marketing strategy appears to be working except that we have run into some major glitches. Or perhaps I should substitute "we" with "I" because guess who is tasked with fixing our problems? You got it- that would be "moi"!

So, let me get to the point about my problems. In one work, "space". Not as in stars and planets, but room for archiving literally thousands of images and videos! There isn't enough space on our servers and I know that using more in-house servers won't make retrieving our digital assets any easier. I need to find a solution for better digital asset hosting fast! What can I do?

DEAR UPSET SANDRA: You are right about additional servers not being a solution to your problems. You might find room for all of those digital assets but it will be even more difficult for users to find what they need. The solution is online digital asset management in a Software as a Service platform. Instead of devouring bandwidth by storing assets on in-house servers, use a DAM solution that keeps them in the cloud. In other words, all of your brand assets are safely hosted off site and accessed by going online. This will make it easy for all of your users to quickly access what they need no matter where they work. With DAM as a service, you will also get your DAM system more quickly set up, and will learn how to organize assets and easily access them in no time at all. Take a tour of the Widen SaaS DAM system to see how cloud-based software solution can neatly fix your problems.


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