Dear Dr. DAM: What’s the Quickest Way to Increase User Adoption of Our DAM System?

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DEAR DR. DAM: My name is Phil and I am in charge of the marketing department of a company that manufactures a wide range of apparel items. We have recently expanded into a number of markets and expect to continue growing at a steady pace for the foreseeable future. As a result of this expansion, we have been increasing our online presence and it was during this process that we began to run into marketing related problems. We require literally thousands of high resolution images of our products because we make a wide range of items that need to be shown in a number of ways. It was surprising how quickly our in-house servers became bogged down with marketing materials and so we came to the realization that we needed some sort of digital image management that included off-site hosting.

After looking over several options, we came to the conclusion that DAM asset management in a Software as a Service platform was the way to go. We signed up for the service and I expected the problem to be solved but now we have a new challenge! Although our large corporate library is presently hosted off-site and we have this great tool for branding and carrying out effective marketing campaigns, we have had major troubles with user adoption. Marketing teams at our headquarters seem to be caught up to speed but our many distribution partners still need to get on board. Since their participation is vital to our expansion strategy, they need to start using our DAM software immediately. Is there some way to quickly boost user adoption among our partners?

DEAR FLUSTERED PHIL: It’s good to see that you made the right decision by implementing a DAM system. From what you have said, the large number of products and various sales channels make your company a perfect candidate for digital asset management programs. Honestly, I don’t think you had a choice, especially when the expansion of your company is taken into account.

As for increasing user adoption, it’s interesting to hear that this hasn’t been a problem for your in-house marketing teams. I would look into differences and similarities in steps that were taken to boost user adoption of digital asset management tools among in-house teams and distributed partners. Off-hand, one would assume that these partners would be more than happy to learn how to use the DAM system because without it, they probably can’t do very much. Try the same approach that was successfully used with in-house people and if that has already been attempted, send them basic presentations or use videos explaining how the online nature of DAM is perfectly adapted to their situation, that it will greatly boost efficiency, and that it’s also very easy to use. For more ideas and access to materials, don’t forget that with Software as a Service available from Widen, your project manager will be more than happy to help you quickly get those partners on board with training for your DAM system.


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