Dear Dr. DAM: Why don't salespeople use my stuff?

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DEAR DR. DAM: My name is Sam and I'm a marketing manager for a mid-size manufacturer. We have over 400 SKUs of products and thousands of salespeople all over the country. I'm responsible for making sure that our salespeople have the marketing and promotional materials they need in the field. I work with the creative department in developing brochures, sell sheets, and catalogs in addition to supplying presentation templates, images and logos. I send this stuff via email, websites, CDs and hard copies.

Salespeople know that the support materials are the lifeblood of their efforts. But, why don't they use my stuff! Salespeople scavenge for images and content on the web, and from old printed materials. They sometimes call in to re-request stuff I've already sent. Then, they use the materials as they see fit, oftentimes compromising our brand. Everything must be customized for the sale, you know?

DEAR SALES SUPPORT SAM: You're in quite a pickle when it comes to upholding the integrity of your brand and making it easy for your salespeople to get what they need. Salespeople don't want to spend a lot of time on administrative tasks and preparation, but they do need to put their best foot forward in front of clients. Presentations must be personalized for their clients and promotions must be localized for their market.

In addition, they need the final form fast, and at all hours of the day! I recommend you check out Widen's solutions for digital asset management and sales enablement. Widen's software as a service solutions help your salespeople get the latest and greatest materials and customize them for their clients, while you as a marketing administrator retain central control and maintain brand consistency.


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