Digital asset management and marketing - taking the relationship to the next level

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The digital asset management industry has come a long way. Just a few short years ago, some analysts were talking about DAM software as being relegated to a "bridesmaid" role — that is, the sidelines of marketing.

Today, though, marketers find themselves in a world where even consumers have several times more computing power in their pockets at all times. This shift in the broader technological landscape means that these consumers are not able to access a great deal of rich media at just about any time.

Today, CMSWire, a trusted name on DAM and other software, ran a piece I wrote about the evolution of DAM and what it will take for DAM providers to keep on evolving. Here's a bit of it:

This begs a new question, of course: how much longer can DAM vendors keep up?

After all, a commitment to reacting quickly and wisely to new developments in technology presents its own challenges (sometimes more perilous than those of the innovators the DAM industry is reacting to). In other words, keeping up is as much a matter of path as it is a matter of pace. It might be helpful, for the sake of analogy, to think of a manufacturer of home theater equipment, for whom it’s just as important to have gotten products to market on time as it is to have bet on Blu-Ray over HD DVD.

DAM Skill Sets

We can’t know what the next wave of tech advancements will bring. The only way for us in the DAM industry to make ourselves (and our customers) ready for anything is to strive to be good at everything. We in DAM need to be as good at marketing as we are at metadata, as good at composing pictures as we are at transcoding them.

The organizations best-poised to meet the DAM software needs of the marketing world will be those that see themselves as being a part of — as opposed to just selling to — that world.

Read the whole piece at CMSWire.

In the coming years, we know that DAM software will evolve even more, expanding our concept of just what constitutes "management" of an asset, as well as extending the reach and power of digital asset libraries into some of the other areas we know well, like social media.

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