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Digital Asset Management Tools and the Bottom Line

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Repurposil - The growth on your bottom line is normalRepurposil... You haven’t heard of it? It’s a new wonder drug that’s clinically proven to treat scattered asset syndrome and irregular brand disorder. Take it and you’ll see an increase in repurposaceousness, but you might also experience such side effects as a rapid increase of ROI, budget tightness relief and empowered marketing partners.

Repurposil doesn’t really exist, of course, so you won’t find it in drug stores. But DAM software is very real and can have a near-term effect on your bottom line.

One of the taglines used in our recent Repurposil campaign is, "You might notice a strange growth on your bottom line. Don’t worry—that’s normal." Sure, they’re funny (at least we think so), but every tagline we use actually says something valuable about DAM. In this case, every company would love to have that growth show up on their bottom line—it’s not the type of growth most would find painful or worrisome. The growth we are referring to is the kind that induces office dancing, investor high-fives and water cooler backflips.

Of course, DAM can’t do everything for your company, but it can definitely give it an edge on the playing field. Quality digital asset management tools tend to have that positive effect on the bottom line because they do so much to increase efficiency and boost productivity when working with digital assets. DAM software accomplishes this, in part, by doing the jobs that don’t capitalize on your people’s talents. Without a DAM system in place, everyone at every level of the asset using process spends way too much of their time searching for assets, often coming up with inadequate or outdated materials anyway. 

When digital assets are left unmanaged and allowed to fill up a corporate image library, those invaluable materials go to waste, as they aren’t used to their fullest potential, and branding suffers. Properly categorizing and managing assets with a DAM system, though, helps a company grow because media can realize their full value.

Sign up for your free demo user account at DAMsystem.com to see how DAM can help put that strange, but very welcome growth onto your bottom line.

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